In October TM JAFFA VIVA will have its own web site

In mid October TM JAFFA VIVA will have its own web site. Now Jaffa Viva admirers can not only enjoy the unique tastes of the product, but also can get new unexpected opportunities and surprising prizes.

The purpose of the web site is both to inform the consumers about the trade mark’s life, its features, events, and to tell the visitors interesting facts about human health. Here you are able to get to know all healthy properties of juices, to find some helpful tips of how to build up your health and so on.

ТМ JAFFA VIVA brand-managers claim that the main attention will be paid to the competitions and different prize drawings. Everybody will be able to take part in unusual flash-game championships among the web site visitors.

You can visit ТМ JAFFA VIVA web site either by following the link from the main Vitmark company web site , or by using the web address –