ТМ Jaffa Select renovates its image

ТМ Jaffa Select renovates its image:


Production of JAFFA SELECT

Get fruit sensation!

At the beginning of October ТМ JAFFA SELECT will be represented in conceptually new modern design. The package is developed according to the world design tendencies, and looks like original composition of fresh juicy fruit sharply standing out against the dazzling white background. The new design supports Jaffa Select image as a premium innovative brand for successful active people, therewith helping the brand to remain interesting for the consumers.


The new design is going to turn Jaffa Select into the real eye-catcher on the shelves. The innovation is expected to increase the amount of test- and re-purchases and appeals to bring more Jaffa Select loyal consumers.


The changes were made not only in design but also in qualitative characteristics of the product. Now fruit selection in production is really thorough. As a result of the last comparative Jaffa Select juices degustations, Vitmark technologists have substantially improved gustatory features of the product. Due to the new recipes Jaffa Select juices have become richer and more delicious.


Being a new brand, Jaffa Select made a breakthrough in January 2006, offering the consumers the premium product in the modern format, thus setting a new standard on the Juice Market.


ТМ Jaffa Select re-designing will be attended by an advertising campaign on TV, magazines, and special promoting events.


As before ТМ Jaffa Select juices are filled in 1L and 0,5L Теtra Prisma cartons and 0.25L twist-off bottles. The assortment line is represented by 12 variants including unique orange-grapefruit and banana-strawberry tastes.