JAFFA TM launches a massed advertising campaign

In May popular JAFFA brand launches a massed advertising campaign on Ukrainian TV channels. The main goal is to communicate the idea of JAFFA’s leadership and to enhance customer’s loyalty towards the renewed Jaffa Select TM which was redesigned in the end of last year. With this, Vitmark-Ukraine Co. plans to secure position of JAFFA umbrella-brand in Ukrainian juice market and to attract even more attention on the side of consumers to the renewed TM.

Olga Budnik, JAFFA TM brand-manager, notes that the Company took this decision after a chain of marketing researches. “A drop in sales which was expected in the market made the producers cut expenses on supporting expensive brands. Though, since for the leading TM it is always important to maintain communication with the consumers, we believe that active marketing support to JAFFA brand is absolutely necessary, the more so because the results of the first quarter proved the high loyalty towards the expensive juice TMs and displayed an increase in sales of Jaffa Select TM juices. Taking this fact into account, the Company decided to support the growing interest among the consumers to the renewed TM, by launching an advertising campaign on national channels” – specified Olga Budnik.

Despite the pessimistic prognosis as to the development of juice market, from the beginning of the current year Jaffa brand manifested itself pretty actively. In April there appeared a brand-new product – a series of natural saturate drinks under Jaffa Spring TM, the PAT-line of Jaffa Fresh Up TM, 0.5 liter, was renewed and production of the new format (1 litre) of the same was launched, too.

Moreover, JAFFA held a large-scale action for consumers in Ukrainian trade networks, aimed to support the sales of Jaffa Select, Jaffa Natura and Jaffa Viva TMs.