TM Juisik began active communication with their target audiences

TM «Juisik», released on the Ukrainian market in 2010, began active communication.
During July and August in Kiev and Kharkov in Ukraine zoos «Juisik» holds shares of local children and their parents.
Activities include competitions together in a specially equipped play area, the author’s tour of the zoo to the most interesting and popular enclosures, where children can learn more about the friends of monkey Ju. All children who had been a tour, receive a diploma, «Young Ju Ranger», and for taking part in competitions – prizes, gifts and, of course, juices TM «Juisik».
Excursions from «Juisik» very popular among the Kiev and Kharkov children, for two weeks on a tour of the shares zoos departed more than two thousand people!
Due to this format of communication TM «Juisik» effectively conveys the essence of the brand of their audience and conveys the nature of his character – a gay and vivacious monkey Ju.

In the autumn will be a number of major projects supporting the TM «Juisik».