“Odessa Baby Food Cannery juices are the best goods of 2008”

As a result of Ukrainian Goods and Services Quality Contest “100 best Ukrainian goods” Odessa Baby Food Cannery (OBFC) juices are acknowledged to be the best goods of 2008. The awarding of OBFC as the winner of the nomination “Provisions” took place November, 14th in Kiev.

The production of one of the leading juices producer – OBFC – was estimated according to the special Ukraine Gospotrebstandart policy by nine criteria , namely: quality and competitiveness; quality level comparing with the best analogs; level of organoleptic properties comparing with the best analogs; level of social competitiveness (price comparing with the best analogs and accessibility) on Ukrainian market; availability of claims, reclamations of consumers, controlling authorities, procurement agencies; product satisfaction level of consumers and procurement agencies; the store quality etc.

Skilled experts and specialists in the field of standardization, certification, quality control as well as representatives of special governmental and scientific authorities were invited to estimate the products of the participating companies. All the members of the expert commission had been tested and had got the certificate entitling them to estimate the products quality.

The contest “100 best Ukrainian goods” was initiated by Ukraine Gospotrebstandart in 2003. The participation in the contest has become for the nominees a peculiar quality estimation examination of the products they produce. This time both the controlling governmental authority and the consumers were examiners. Nevertheless, this year more than one thousand Ukrainian enterprises dared to have their products tested this way. 324 nominees reached the contest final.

The contest organizers state that such events as Ukrainian Goods and Services Quality Contest are able to change stereotyped and sometimes even scornful attitude to product quality problems thus raising the idea of Ukrainian products quality up to the national one.

A day before the contest the visitors were able to have a taste of OBFC products at the exhibition “100 best Ukrainian goods” also organized by Gospotrebstandart. Though the exhibition was quiet, real pother could be noticed near OBFC exposition.

OBFC juices, being the phenomenon of Ukrainian JND market (juices, nectars, drinks) have won the consumers love since their entering the market in 2002. OBFC products are popular not only in Ukraine but also abroad, as they are exported to such foreign countries as Moldova, Belarus, Transdniestria, Russia, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, the USA, Canada and Cyprus.