Juice production

Juice is the name of the product consisting of 100% of fruit juice. Nectar contains from 25 to 99% of juice. Juice beverage contains up to 25% of juice.

In Ukraine the juice produces use two methods of juice production: restoration from concentrate and direct extraction.

How does the process look like?

The ripe fruits are sorted out, washed and put under pressure for extraction of the juice. Then in special vacuum apparatus in low temperature (40°С) part of the natural moisture (water) is steamed out. As a result of steaming out, thick viscous liquid which looks like honey appears. It is called concentrated juice. In it, due to moderate temperature processing the whole set of vitamins and minerals, contained in the fresh fruits, is preserved. Concentrated juice is frozen and poured out into special aseptic reservoirs making it possible to store it without losing the quality and the useful properties during several months and transport it to any distances. Concentrated juice brought to the juice plant undergoes the stage of restoration, when the juice is given back the moisture which has been extracted from it in natural proportion, i.e. exactly the same volume which has been evaporated earlier. In order to do it, the treated water is used, which by its characteristics is as close as it can be to the natural moisture. Before packaging, the received juice undergoes the stage of short-term (3-4 sec.) thermal processing by the method of pasteurization (up to 100°С) or sterilization (exceeding 100°С), ensuring possibility to store the product during one year without using the preservatives.

We do not use any food coloring agents, preservative and other chemical additives on any stage of production of the concentrated juice which results in authentic 100% natural juice.

Freshly extracted juice differs from the one, restored of the concentrate, with the absence of stage of concentration and restoration of juice.