Vitmark-Ukraine History

Vitmark-Ukraine is one of the largest Ukrainian producers of juices, nectars, juicy and soft drinks, baby food such as fruit purees and juices. At year-end of 2016 the company holds up to 35% market share in the segment of baby food and about 30% in juice segment.

Portfolio of the company has a wide range of products – juices Jaffa, water Aquarte, brands from the main production plant – Odessa Baby Food Cannery – juices Nash Sik, directly squeezed juices Pryamo Sik, smoothies Prosto Frukty, baby food Chudo-Chado.

Since our first juice sales in 1994, we have been a driver of marketplace innovation. Today we lead the juice industry due to own processing of local fruits, our high quality production and expertise in world market of raw fruit materials.

Company’s products are popular not only within Ukraine, but far beyond its limits – juices and nectars of Vitmark-Ukraine are exported in 21 countries all over the world. Company`s headquarters is located in Odessa, Ukraine.

Vitmark-Ukraine history – is more than 20 years of innovations!

In 1994 Vitmark-Ukraine has started the production of high-quality juices and nectars Jaffa.Vitmark-Ukraine reconstructed the main production plant – Odessa Baby Food Cannery, equipped it with the modern equipment.

In 1995 Vitmark-Ukraine has become the first company that produced juices in Tetra Pak package. In 2002 such juices were named by consumers as «juices in white package» because of their reasonable price and high quality. In 2007 the main production plant – Odessa Baby Food Cannery has started producing baby food under the brand Chudo-Chado and it made up the market share more than 25%.

In 2012 company released a new product – the first smoothies in Ukraine Prosto Frukty, and in 2013 – the first directly squeezed juices – Pryamo Sik.

Vitmark-Ukraine has won more than 60 prizes in international exhibitions and tasting competitions for taste and quality and for innovative technologies for 22 years on the Ukrainian market.Within the last 23 years, juices and nectars of Vitmark-Ukraine company were exported in Europe, USA, Canada, Israel. In 2013 company underwent the certification ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005.