Компания «Вимарк-Украина» выбирает качественную мобильную связь

At present, the major part of the large companies in Ukraine have come to the conclusion that existence of the corporate communication is not the fashion tribute, but the necessary operational element for carrying out their business. Connection to corporate tariff allows cutting the costs spent for payment of the communication services essentially.

For almost a year “Vitmark” Holding has been the user of inexpensive corporate communication Life:). Being dissatisfied with the rendered services, the company has changed the mobile operator. At the time being, two companies – МТС (UMC) and “Kyivstar” – are the leaders at the trunk communication market. According to the results of the tender, which has been conducted, the contract with “Kyivstar” company has been signed, which is ready to provide “Vitmark-Ukraine” Company with round-a-clock uninterrupted communication and 100% cover on the whole territory of Ukraine. The quality of trunk communication is very important because ninety percent of the Company employees are the sales staff, spending the major part of their business hours on the route (in the oblast centers), mobile communication for them is a necessary job tool.

Therefore, on the night of 26th April, 1600 Holding employees have become the subscribers of the new operator. From now on the corporate telephone number of “Vitmark-Ukraine” Company starts with the digits 8067 448, and the leader of trunk communication in Ukraine, “Kyivstar” Company, is rendering services to us. The company employees get 400 minutes free of charge within the network on a monthly basis as well as the limit within the amount from 50 to 500 hryvnias depending on their position. Right now approximately 1600 telephone numbers have been distributed among the employees, three and a half thousand mobile cards are still in the reserve. Now all Company employees, starting from the Forwarder and ending with Top Manager, will receive the corporate telephone numbers and, together with them, the opportunity to be always on line.

“Vitmark-Ukraine” has signed the long-term contract with “Kyivstar”. This, however, does not cancel conduction of the tenders among the leading mobile communication operators of Ukraine. Promptly responding to the new offers at the market of the mobile services, we will always provide the Holding employees with the profitable and high quality corporate communication.