Nash sik expands the line of 100% juices

In recent years, the Ukrainian juice market is actively changing. Such a transformation is due to the main trend of today – a healthy lifestyle. Ukrainians are increasingly paying attention to the quality of products, their composition and benefits for the body.

Speaking about the juice market, experts emphasize that the share of 100% of juices increased significantly last year and note that this trend continues to gain momentum.

Given the demand from consumers and caring for millions of Ukrainian families, the brand Nash sik, in the spring of 2020, released the widest line of 100% juices in an affordable price category. In total, four flavors were presented: apple, pear-apple, vegetable and tomato.

“Usually, 100% juices are 25-30% more expensive than the mass segment of the juice market, we decided to change this segmentation, – said Roman Lysnyak, Marketing Director of Vitmark-Ukraine. – In fact, we have created a product that will be available to a wide audience. Our line of 100% juices consists of two fruit, which do not contain added sugar, and two vegetables. This line will be a great addition to a healthy diet for children and adults and is ideal for people who use the budget wisely. After all, the cost of juice in stores will be about 24 hryvnia per liter.

Nash sik is not only one of the leaders of the juice market in Ukraine, but also a brand that was created in accordance with Ukrainian values ​​and food traditions. Its quality is determined by many years of experience and reputation of the Odessa baby food factory. So Nash Sik is a perfect combination of classic recipes, high-quality standards and innovative production technologies. This is confirmed by the brand’s slogan – Good for children, good for everyone.

The product is made mainly from local southern fruits and home-grown vegetables, so most of the line is fresh fruit juices, not concentrate. Thick, rich juices with pulp have become the “business card” of the Nash Sik brand and are loved by millions of Ukrainians.

It is symbolic that the new line of 100% juices appeared in retail and online stores in the spring and at a time when the country is struggling with a pandemic and the issue of vitaminization is especially relevant.


Vitmark-Ukraine was established in 1994 in the base of the Odesa baby food factory. The company is a leader in the Ukrainian market, by sales volume, in the category of fruit and vegetable juices and purees for baby food and is one of the leaders in the category of juices and nectars. The product portfolio of Vitmark-Ukraine is focused on modern healthy food and includes popular brands: Jaffa, Наш сок OBFC, Чудо-Чадо, Aquarte, Nestea and Vega Milk.

The company exports its products to more than 25 countries. The quality and safety of products are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards.