“Vitmark-Ukraine” in the TOP-2 leaders of the industry

The general director of the company “Vitmark-Ukraine”, Viktor Grigorievich Stanislavsky in the rating “100 TOP TOP MANAGERS OF UKRAINE” took second place in the industry – soft drinks.

topThe magazine “Top 100. Ratings of the largest”, prepared by the team of Delo.UA, identified the top hundred top managers of Ukraine.

This year, the rating “TOP-100. Best Top Managers of Ukraine” showed unexpected results. In the ratings of past years, the leaders were raw materials producers – agrarians and metallurgists, that is, the export core of the economy. Now there was a breakdown in the traditional economic model of the country,

I want to believe that this is a symptom of the beginning of the recovery of the economy, because, given the financial results of the last year, it can be stated that many spheres of business began to return to the pre-crisis level.

The final list includes the CEO of the largest Ukrainian companies in terms of income in 19 industries, which led the company in 2016. In all, almost 300 tops from various industries took part in the rating.

The final score of each participant was influenced by three ratings. 50% was the profitability of the company’s net sales over the past year, 30% – the assessment of top managers by 10 profile HR experts on such criteria as personal, innovative and corporate efficiency, and 20% – the votes of Delo.UA readers who gave them top- Managers during online voting on the site.

Moreover, during online voting Viktor Grigorievich outstripped by 30% of all nominees not only in non-alcoholic beverages, but in the whole in the beverage industry, and on the final list, the gap between the leader of the category was only 0.03 percentage points.



Source: https://delo.ua/business/deloua-podvelo-itogi-rejtinga-top-menedzherov-top-100-rejtingi-331132/



“Vitmark-Ukraine” at the Fair of Vacancies “Graduate-2017” from ONEU

April 27, 2017 The Company “Vitmark-Ukraine” took part in the Job Fair “Graduate-2017”, which is annually held by the Odessa National Economic University.

54 companies participated in the Fair, working in the field of financial services, production, service maintenance of machinery, information technology, and trade.

For acquaintance of students, during the Fair the presentation with a video clip about activity, achievements and advantages of the Company as the employer was shown.

Each student was given the opportunity to talk with representatives of the Company’s personnel service, to pass an interview. At the Fair were collected questionnaires of students who want to practice and get employed.

The Company’s participation in the Job Fair creates and maintains a positive image among students and graduates, the image of one of the best employers in Odessa and Ukraine.