Vitmark-Ukraine products took several awards at the contest “Odessa quality – 2017”

On 21 December 2017 in Armenian Cultural Center (Odessa, Ukraine) took place a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the contest “Odessa quality-2017”. During the ceremony three the products of “Vitmark-Ukraine” picked up three awards at one stroke.

The contest involved enterprises and entrepreneurs from Odessa as well as representatives from other regions. In total, 42 enterprises announced their participation.

The contest commission included representatives from Odessa Regional Authority, Odessa Regional Chamber of Commerce, the local branch of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, the Main Directorate of the State Food Consumption Service in Odessa region and Odessa City Council.

The commission awarded the following products:

• Blueberry-chokeberry nectar pasteurized TM Jaffa received “Quality of Taste” honorary award;
• Multifruit juice from concentrate pasteurized TM Jaffa received “Fairy Taste” honorary award;
• Apple-banana puree TM “Chudo-Chado” in Doypack packing received “Child’s pleasure” honorary award.

Quality characteristics and consumer properties of products were among the main criteria for evaluation by the commission. Particular attention was given to the availability of supporting documents such as: certificates of conformity, quality systems, certified and testing laboratories, test reports, use of innovative technologies, and sustainability reports.

Reference: the contest “Odessa quality” is a successor to the all-Ukrainian competition “100 best goods”. The initiator and organizer of the contest is the State Enterprise “Odessa Regional Center for Standard, Metrology and Certification” with the support of the State Regional Authority.




Odessa baby food cannery launches baby food puree “Chudo Chado” in a brand new packing

For the first time in Ukraine PJSC “Odessa baby food cannery” launches baby food puree in a convenient doypack packing.

A vacuum packaging doypack became popular in European countries due to its convenience and safety of product storage.

Up to the present in Ukraine baby food purees in doypack were presented by foreign manufacturers only. Odessa baby food cannery become the first-ever producer in Ukraine, which invested in the Gualapack line installation. Allocation of doypack production in Ukraine along with own processing of fruits and vegetables for baby food has furthered the brand “Chudo Chado” to offer a high-quality alternative to imported products at a reasonable rate.

The doypack or “pouch” format is a soft multilayered package that offers parents the convenience and time savings. Now, you do not need to take extra dishes in order to have a snack during a walk; your baby can eat directly from the package. Moreover, a mother can be relaxed about her baby gets dirty. In addition, soft packaging is lighter than glass containers, which makes doypack a universal solution during short and long trips with the baby. The kids may also value the ability to learn how to eat all by themselves. A wide cap which cannot be eaten provides additional safety for the babies.

Water proof packaging material protects the product against bacteria and air. New packing is highly durable, elastic and shock resistant.

The range of baby food purees “Chudo Chado” in a doypack (90 grams) includes 5 the most popular tastes in the Ukrainian market: apple-pear, apple-peach, apple-carrot-quince, apple-banana and fruit salad with cereals and cookie taste. Puree is made exclusively from natural ingredients based on own processing of fruits from special raw materials base for baby food.

“We thought a lot on how to simplify the life of a modern mother and give her more free time. And the doypack for baby food puree provides the decision it in the best way. In addition, we are able to offer the product at least 50% cheaper than imported analogues. I think our consumers will appreciate all the advantages of baby puree in a brand new packing”, Vitaly Vinitsky, the President of JV “Vitmark-Ukraine” LLC informed.


“Vitmark-Ukraine” took part in the international exhibition Anuga 2017

The exhibition of ready-made food and beverages Anuga is one of the most important events in the food industry. Every two years specialists worldwide gather at the exhibition to receive up-to-date information and conclude international contracts.

“Vitmark-Ukraine” takes part in the exhibition for the third time running. This year the company presented its traditional products of juice category, fruit and vegetable baby food juices and purees, as well as own-produced semi-finished products. Besides, the company presented baby puree in a new Doypack packaging, as well as export product family of 100% juices made of its own-processed fruits, “Jaffa Smoothy” – 100% crashed natural fruit option for health snacking and “Natura” nectars.

According to the head of export department Daniil Katasonov: “This year the exhibition turned out to be particularly productive. During this 5 days we managed to communicate with more than 300 potential partners from China, Middle East and Europe. Among them are both importers-distributors and retailers, interested in our brands and private label cooperation, as well as potential suppliers of raw materials. In addition, we managed to hold a number of meetings with existing partners from the United States, Israel, Estonia and Belarus”.

Over the past year, Vitmark-Ukraine has strengthened its presence at international events, including the SIAL food industry exhibition in Paris and the Gulfood food exhibition in Dubai.

“According to the results of the meetings, we observe interest in our juice products of juices on the part of China. At the same time, the visitors from the Arab countries expressed their interest in the new lineup of juices and nectars Jaffa. In addition, the guests of the event highly appreciated our baby food purees and fruit smoothies for adults in doypack package”, – Daniil Katasonov added.

More than 7,400 companies from 107 countries took part in 34th Anuga fair and exhibition, a new record for the whole history of the event. Around 165,000 trade visitors from 198 countries took advantage of this unique offer for sourcing, information and ordering at top level.



“Vitmark-Ukraine” to take part in Anuga-2017 International exhibition in Cologne

The company “Vitmark-Ukraine” will participate in the largest international exhibition of ready-made food and beverages Anuga-2017. The 34th Anuga will take place from 7 to 11 October 2017 in Cologne. The exhibition is focused on professionals engaged in food and beverages, such as the retail chains, importers, hotel and restaurant business, food and tourism enterprises.

Anuga is one of the most important trade fairs for food and beverages. Every two years specialists around the globe gather at the exhibition in order to establish contacts, receive up-to-date information and conclude contracts directly. This year 7,200 exhibitors from 100 countries and 160,000 visitors are expected to participate.

During the event the company “Vitmark-Ukraine” will present its traditional JNSD products, fruit and vegetable juices and purees for baby food, as well as own-produced semi-finished products. In addition, the company will present baby puree in a new Doy Pack packaging, as well as export product family of 100% juices made of its own-processed fruits, “Jaffa Smoothy” – 100% crashed natural fruit option for health snacking and “Natura” nectars.

You can find us in the room 8.1, the stand 006.

We kindly invite our friends and partners to visit our stand!

The unique measuring concept of Anuga – 10 trade shows in one – represents the diversity of the food and beverage industry. Due to the special mix of big and small, both nationally and internationally, the Anuga has developed into the No. 1 trading place in the world. With the various trend themes, Anuga also proves a consistent focus on the branch trends of the future. Take the opportunity to make personal contacts and taste the future. Within the framework of the event, a number of events will take place: Anuga OliveOil Market, Anuga Olive Oil Market, wine production seminars, an iFood conference on technologies in food production, a congress on trends in online food sales an so on. The motto of the exhibition “Quality and safety of products” corresponds fully to the values of “Vitmark-Ukraine”.



“Pryamosok” has been named the best juice in Ukraine

In June 2017, at the Eighth Professional Tasting Contest of Beverage Drinks “BEST DRINK 2017”, in the “Juices” category, the line of juices TM “Pryamosok” received the highest awards.

Прямо сок баннер 2

June 9, 2017 in Kiev, officially announced the results of the prestigious Eighth professional tasting contest of drinks “BEST DRINK 2017”. The best in Ukraine alcoholic, non-alcoholic drinks, water, juices are determined.

“Vitmark-Ukraine” confirmed the high quality of its products, having received the highest awards for the excellent juices of one of its line of TM “Pryamosok”.

The prestigious composition of the expert commission of the Eighth professional tasting competition for drinks “BEST DRINK 2017” awarded “Vitmark-Ukraine” Grand Prix and the first two places in the “Juices” nomination.

Commission of industry experts, through a closed tasting on organoleptic indicators, recognized that apple juice TM “Pryamosok” worthy of the highest award “Grand Prix” in the juice category.

The 1st place for high quality in “Juices” category as well as excellent reviews received apple-carrot juice and apple-pear juice “Pryamosok” . These awards confirm the high status of products of the Odessa baby food factory, represented by Vitmark-Ukraine.

pryamosok-yabl_morkpryamosok-yabl_grushThe name “Pryamosok” speaks for itself  as a juice made  directly from crashed fruits. The difference between “Pryamosok” and other juices presented in the domestic market is that the product is produced exclusively using the technology of direct pressing – i.e. directly from the fruits, excluding the stages of concentration and subsequent recovery, which makes the taste of juice and its beneficial properties as close as possible to fresh fruits. The only ingredient of this product is the juice itself containig no additional water and sugar. And aseptic packaging allows you to maximize the taste, aroma and quality of natural juice for a long time.

The juice is squeezed out of freshly picked apples and vegetables, which are grown in garden farms in the South of Ukraine. “Pryamosok has excellent taste qualities due to the selection of sweet apple varieties, such as Golden Delishes and Renet Simirenko.

Semi-century traditions of quality of the Odessa baby food factory and the availability of capacities for own processing of Ukrainian fruits and vegetables, the volume of which is more than 50 thousand tons per year, serve as a guarantee of a consistently high level of taste characteristics.

“Awards from leading industry experts, obtained by our direct squeezed juice, are a high evaluation of our company’s half-century experience in processing fresh fruit and creating useful and tasty products of standard quality. We hope, for Ukrainian consumers demanding quality, Straight will become a favorite juice “- commented on the awarding of diplomas Vitaly Vinitsky, President of the company” Vitmark-Ukraine”.

21.06.2017 25.05.2017

“Vitmark-Ukraine” in the TOP-2 leaders of the industry

The general director of the company “Vitmark-Ukraine”, Viktor Grigorievich Stanislavsky in the rating “100 TOP TOP MANAGERS OF UKRAINE” took second place in the industry – soft drinks.

topThe magazine “Top 100. Ratings of the largest”, prepared by the team of Delo.UA, identified the top hundred top managers of Ukraine.

This year, the rating “TOP-100. Best Top Managers of Ukraine” showed unexpected results. In the ratings of past years, the leaders were raw materials producers – agrarians and metallurgists, that is, the export core of the economy. Now there was a breakdown in the traditional economic model of the country,

I want to believe that this is a symptom of the beginning of the recovery of the economy, because, given the financial results of the last year, it can be stated that many spheres of business began to return to the pre-crisis level.

The final list includes the CEO of the largest Ukrainian companies in terms of income in 19 industries, which led the company in 2016. In all, almost 300 tops from various industries took part in the rating.

The final score of each participant was influenced by three ratings. 50% was the profitability of the company’s net sales over the past year, 30% – the assessment of top managers by 10 profile HR experts on such criteria as personal, innovative and corporate efficiency, and 20% – the votes of Delo.UA readers who gave them top- Managers during online voting on the site.

Moreover, during online voting Viktor Grigorievich outstripped by 30% of all nominees not only in non-alcoholic beverages, but in the whole in the beverage industry, and on the final list, the gap between the leader of the category was only 0.03 percentage points.



Source: https://delo.ua/business/deloua-podvelo-itogi-rejtinga-top-menedzherov-top-100-rejtingi-331132/



“Vitmark-Ukraine” at the Fair of Vacancies “Graduate-2017” from ONEU

April 27, 2017 The Company “Vitmark-Ukraine” took part in the Job Fair “Graduate-2017”, which is annually held by the Odessa National Economic University.

54 companies participated in the Fair, working in the field of financial services, production, service maintenance of machinery, information technology, and trade.

For acquaintance of students, during the Fair the presentation with a video clip about activity, achievements and advantages of the Company as the employer was shown.

Each student was given the opportunity to talk with representatives of the Company’s personnel service, to pass an interview. At the Fair were collected questionnaires of students who want to practice and get employed.

The Company’s participation in the Job Fair creates and maintains a positive image among students and graduates, the image of one of the best employers in Odessa and Ukraine.


“Vitmark-Ukraine” at the XVI Career Fair from the ONPU

April 20, 2017 The company “Vitmark-Ukraine” took part in the XVI Career Fair, which is annually held by the Odessa National Polytechnic University.

At the Fair there were 74 companies working in the production, service of machinery, information technology, software, financial services, and trade.

During the Fair:

  • the presentation about the Company, a video about the Company was shown;
  • interviews with students were conducted, questionnaires of students who wanted to practice and find work were collected.

Participation in Fairs creates and maintains a positive image among students and graduates about our Company as the leading employer of Odessa and Ukraine.




“Vitmark-Ukraine” at the job fair in ONAFT

On April 6, the 25th annual Job Fair took place in the building of the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies. Participation in it was accepted by the food industry companies of the southern region, who are interested in finding employment of promising students and young specialists of the Academy. Most of these companies are known not only in Odessa and do not require additional representation. The company “Vitmark-Ukraine”, having the status of one of the best employers of Odessa and Ukraine, in order to attract young and promising professionals took an active part in all blocks of the Fair.

At the fair, students and graduates of the academy and other universities had an opportunity to get acquainted with the activities of the companies and organizations represented, to receive information on available vacancies and open programs for employment, internships, practical training, and to attend company presentations.