Garnet “Our Juice”

In September of the current year on the shelves and in the range of TM “Our Juice” has a new flavor – pomegranate.


This interesting and useful taste first appears in the line of juices available segment. Pomegranate is not only a delicious fruit, but also a vitamin-mineral complex.

Everyone knows that pomegranate contains everything necessary for the proper functioning of the body. But many consume this fruit not only for useful properties, and because of its tangy sweet-sour taste.

The juice of pomegranate grains is very rich in tannins. Tone the vascular system and smoothes the skin. It also stimulates the removal of toxins and impurities, nourishes the body with essential organic acids.

Pomegranate juice helps to strengthen blood vessels, improves circulation and thins the blood, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, is useful for anemia and is a General tonic.

“Studying the situation on the market, we came to the conclusion that garnet is in the TOP 10 of the taste preferences of consumers of juices, but it is currently available primarily in the premium segment, “says marketing Manager of the Odessa baby food factory Oleg Vinnik – the output of our new model will allow consumers to purchase your favorite flavor at an affordable price”.


New “Chudo-Chado” – fruit puree with cottage cheese

The assortment of the brand “Chudo-Chado”, produced by Odessa baby food factory has added a new products – fruit puree with cottage cheese in glass jars of 170 gr. With the launch of these tastes Odessa canning baby food plant resumes production of the products in their original formulations baby purees with dairy ingredients, which was produced for several generations of kids.

chudo chadochudo chado

The novelty is presented in two flavors: Apple and Apple-peach puree with curd. Based on these products – puree of processing effected by the company at its processing facilities in the Odessa and Vinnytsia region, from the Ukrainian fruit grown in the special raw material areas for production of baby food.

One of the advantages of a private company is processing fresh fruit and vegetables, for production of juices and purees for baby food, using only the choicest fruit from a special raw material zones, and high-quality Ukrainian raw materials allows to make products cheaper and more useful.

Fruit puree Chudo-Chado ” cottage cheese is not only delicious, but healthy dessert for kids. After all, cheese is one of the most dairy products that has a beneficial impact on children’s gastrointestinal tract and contains calcium a growing body needs. Employees of the quality service of the Odessa plant of baby food carefully chosen supplier of cheese to our mashed potatoes – is a leading Ukrainian company, one of the leaders in the production of dairy products managed to ensure the supply of cheese with the level of quality required for baby food.

“Several generations of mothers and babies convinced in the high quality and excellent taste of our products. We are confident that the new sauce “Miracle Child” with cottage cheese offers great taste, impeccable quality and affordable price for mom will also be highly appreciated by our customers,” says marketing Manager of the Odessa baby food factory Oleg Vinnik.


“Our juice” is growing in the Ukrainian market

Dynamics of growth in the market share of TM “Our Juice” for the 1st half of the year 2015/2016 was 4.7%, showing an increase from 21.6% to 26.4%.

Brand “Our Juice” Odessa baby food factory in the first half of 2016 has improved its market position by 4.7%, from 21.6% in 2015 to 26.4% in 2016, according to retail audit of MRC.
Overall juice category of the beverage market shows a negative trend – a decrease of 12.4% over the period of the 1st half of 2015/2016.
“Our Juice” was praised for high quality, natural and affordable price.

In the last half of the basis of the success was to maintain affordability against a background of unchanging quality that is trusted by consumers – the brand aims to be affordable for millions of consumers at a fair price. Activity of the brand was focused on programs to reduce prices in retail. Retention reasonable prices and high quality has become possible thanks to own fruit processing, which provides more than 70% of the company’s needs for raw materials for production of juices, nectars and fruit-vegetable puree. High-quality Ukrainian raw materials allows to make products with perfect quality at an affordable price. Therefore, in the coming autumn, the planned growth of volumes of processing of fruits of the new harvest.
In the first half of the brand “Our Juice” has also launched a communications campaign to promote the consumption of juices, many children often treat their parents with tasty and healthy juice. The primary message of the campaign reflects the main idea of the brand: “it’s Good for children is good for everyone.”
“Odessa factory of baby food – the most reputable Ukrainian manufacturer of products for the youngest consumers. After all that is done for children is done carefully. Half a century of experience of experts of factory in quality issues requires this approach to use to all our products, including to “Our juice”. Therefore, “Our Juice” I love equally like children and adults. Real family juice unites the whole family together, and allows you to take care of their loved ones. Care brand “Our Juice” on the quality and accessibility were appreciated by consumers and has strengthened the success of the brand in the market”, – says Oleg Vinnik, marketing Manager OSDP.


The company “Vitmark-Ukraine” invites to visit our stand at SIAL 2016

The Vitmark-Ukraine company invites on October 16-20, 2016 to visit the stand on SIAL 2016 in Paris — the most authoritative exhibition of products of the food industry in Europe. Will present self-produced high-quality Ukrainian juice products at the Vitmark-Ukraine exhibition: juice and drinks, and also baby food in a segment of fruit and vegetable juice and puree. The stand of the company is located in the pavilion No. 5, the place G 071. SIAL 2016 will take place in Paris Nord Villepinte (70 Roissy Cedex France).


The SIAL exhibition is a large-scale authoritative event for all specialists of the world food industry. The main emphasis of an exhibition is placed on innovations and the inspiring ideas for business. Since 1964 SIAL became the traditional place for a meeting of professionals of the food industry of the most perspective markets, business negotiations, the conclusion of the international contracts, and also exclusive access to wholesale sellers, supermarkets, supermarkets. This year 6500 companies from 105 countries on 8 pavilions with a total area of 215000 sq.m are exhibited.

The LLC JV Vitmark-Ukraine company is the leading expert in the field of production of juice from fresh fruit and vegetables, conversion of agricultural products, production of juice products and baby food. Production capacities, amount of 450 million l. in a year, are located in the Odessa and Vinnytsia regions. The company turns out products under trademarks of the Odessa plant of baby food (our Juice, Just Fruit, the Wonderful Child, Pryamosok), and also Jaffa, Sokovit and Aquarte implemented in the territory of Ukraine and more than 20 countries.