TM “Prosto Frukty” sponsored “Daddy’s daughters”

TM “Prosto Frukty” takes care of the good mood of Ukrainians, so from the beginning of the summer the brand began to support the programs of national TV channels of Ukraine.

On July 5, “Prosto Frukty” became the sponsor of the popular sitcom “Daddy’s Girls”. Support for the show will allow TM “Just Fruit” actively interact with its audience, keep the spirit high and enhance the quality of communication with the brand.

“Prosto Frukty” invites you to watch “Daddy’s Girls” with a glass of your favorite smoothie on Noviy channel on weekdays at 21:00.


New packaging of ™ “Odesskiy” export line

TM”Odesskiy” has updated the packaging design for the export line of juices, focused on highly competitive markets of the CIS countries.

The new retro concept of ™ “Odesskiy” impressively illustrates the classic juice recipe, created by the legendary production of OKZDP.

Still the style of Soviet realism selected for a spectacular redesign, conceptually passes the key both on rational and emotional levels of principles of the brand – the natural taste, high production standards and traditions of the highest quality.

Original juices, favorite childhood, meet at the juice shelves of CIS countries – in the new design!