Our Juice – the most delicious juice!

In May, on the national TV channels of Ukraine has been launched an advertising campaign “Our Juice – the most delicious juice!”

“The goal of the campaign – to increase consumer loyalty to the brand, recognized by the majority of Ukrainians  as the most delicious. New ad should reinforce the image of TM “Nash Sok ” as a natural product of consistent quality – the reputation of the brand is based on the fact that the products are manufactured at the Odessa factory of baby food traditions of quality that  you can trust.

The key idea of the video – to convey to the consumer characteristics of the brand, such as naturalness – local fruits and private storage, a long history, tradition, leadership, quality, simplicity, and affordability.On an emotional level, movie nostalgic, recalling: Nash Sok – the same delicious  taste from childhood.


Press Center “Vitmark-Ukraine” in Facebook!

Company “Vitmark-Ukraine” has developed an application for the social network Facebook, which will serve as the online press center. The purpose of the project – to provide fast and convenient access to the company, as well as to facilitate the dialogue executives of the company with customers and the media.

So, on the official Vitmark-Ukraine on Facebook May 27, 2013 started the press center of the company, which could be used as regular users of social networks, as well as journalists. By subscribing to this page, the user will be able to get acquainted with interesting information about the company, read the latest news and keep the company’s request “Vitmark-Ukraine”. Members of the media after simply passing the accreditation of getting all the necessary photos, video and text materials, and also have the opportunity to request comment on the question of interest in a particular specialist to get an answer as soon as possible.

“Vitmark-Ukraine” – a public company information. The main task of the press center – to strengthen goodwill, timely and accurately informing the audience about all areas of the company. “Vitmark-Ukraine” sticks in their work principles of transparency, efficiency and willingness to open dialogue. We are interested in the fact that users of one of the most popular social networks in Ukraine received a quality and professional information, and are always happy to help the media to obtain reliable data on the operation of the Company.



“Vitmark-Ukraine” promotes the consumption of fruits and vegetables Ukrainians

In May launched an information campaign, “Just fruits – 5 times a day!” Popularizing the consumption of fruits, vegetables, juices and smoothies among the Ukrainian population. The basis of the program was the international project “5 A Day», many years ago, received the status of national healthy eating programs for the U.S. population, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Great Britain, Hungary, France, Germany and other countries.

In Ukraine, the promotion of consumption of fruits initiated the trademark “Just Fruit” and the company “Tetra Pak Ukraine” with the support of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.


The program will include simple tips on how to properly consume fruits and vegetables in a variety of forms: fresh, as well as in the form of juices and smoothies, in order to maintain their health throughout life. It is noteworthy that quite affordable tips that can easily be made a useful habit can be a panacea for many people suffering from diseases associated with obesity, cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, etc.


According to the World Health Organization, more than 60% of cases of cardio-vascular disease is the source of an unhealthy diet. A contribution to the overall burden of disease factors such as low consumption of fruit and vegetables, 3.5% (for comparison – the negative contribution of smoking – 9%, the excessive consumption of alcohol – 8.4%).


According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, the average Ukrainian consumes about 114 grams of fruit and berries a day, while according to the recommendations developed by the World Health Organization, the rate of consumption of fruit and vegetables should be almost 4 times higher. At the same time, VOOZ initiate programs aimed at promoting the consumption of fruit in any form according to a simple rule: 5 servings of fruits and vegetables to 80 grams per day, which is 400 grams for the whole day.


“Just fruits – 5 times a day” will be supported by a national print media, social networks, as well as directly to retail outlets – in national and regional food networks.In addition, will be developed online application page on the site www.prosto-frukty.ua