Odessa Baby Food Factory has a new product – PRYAMOSOK

In October, the Odessa Baby Food Factory presented Ukrainian juice market a new product – a line of directly expressed juices with a name that speaks for itself – “PRYAMOSOK”. In a new project best traditions of tasty, healthy, affordable and safe baby food were implemented.

The foundations of the new product release prerequisites were the increase of production capacity and a large amount of their own processing of fruits and vegetables. Starting the directly expressed juice line TM “Pryamosok” became OBFF new stage in the development of such areas as production of quality fruit and vegetable products from own raw materials.

Pryamosok contrast to most juices is represented in the domestic market: the product is manufactured exclusively by direct extraction technology – i.e directly, eliminating the steps of concentration and recovery of juice that makes the taste of the juice and its beneficial properties as close to fresh fruit as possible. The only ingredient in this product is actual juice and nothing else.

As the chief technologist of OBFF Natalia Thira clarifies, manufacturing technology of “Pryamosok” includes three stages: extraction of fresh raw materials, pasteurization by brief (60 seconds) temperature processing, and bottling of fresh juice in aseptic carton metallized packaging with no added sugar, water or flavorings. Aseptic, i.e, sterile filling technology allows you to keep the package full of taste, flavor and beneficial properties of fresh fruits and vegetables for a long time.

“The expansion of our product portfolio line of direct extraction of juice came as a logical step , given forty years of experience in the processing of raw materials and the manufacture of fresh juice products , fruits and vegetables for baby food ,” – commented on the release of new items Natalia Thira .

The range of the new brand is represented by four most popular flavors for Ukrainians – Apple , apple- carrot , Multifruit ( from apples and berries) and tomato in an attractive and user-friendly cardboard packaging of 1 liter .

In addition to great taste , one of the advantages of ” Pryamosoka ” over other similar products on the Ukrainian juice market , its price will be – it will be much more affordable for domestic consumers.



“Vitmark-Ukraine” received ISO 9001 and ISO 22000

JE “Vitmark-Ukraine” and PJSC “OBCF” have been certified for compliance with the international standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005.

Those certificates indicate that the company complies requirements strictly defined by international standards, and supports transparency in all processes. Thus, ISO 9001 is the most famous standard in the world for building quality management system, which ensures the quality of goods and services, contributes to the attractiveness of the investment, staff motivation and the confidence of the partners and consumers in the quality of products.

ISO 22000 is the first international standard to be the base of  implementation and certification a system of food safety management . Thanks to the implemented system precautionary management measures are used, and not belated control, business processes are optimized and the level of cooperation between all departments is increased. In addition, the safety of the production is well documented .

The certification audit was conducted by the German expert TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH, as an independent organization accredited for work on the certification of management systems at the German Council on Accreditation.

Photo: handing of certificates to Victor Stanislavskii, CEO of JE “Vitmark-Ukraine”.


“Vitmark-Ukraine” will take part in the international exhibition Anuga-2013 in Cologne

This year “Vitmark-Ukraine ” became a part of one of the biggest international food exhibitions — Anuga-2013. The exhibition was designed for professionals, who are by any way connected with food, drinks, fast-food sector, hotels, tourism, etc.

It is the largest and most significant profile exhibition in the world. Anuga was first held in 1924 and now the exhibition is held every two years.

The 32nd Anuga exhibition will be held from 5 to 9 October 2013 in Cologne (Germany). The concept of the event is “10 exhibitions under one roof” and the event generally consists not only of exhibition, but also of a number of additional activities, designed for visitors and participants. The “Nutrition for adults” Congress,  innovation contest TASTE 11, halal food conference, a forum dedicated to the culinary and drinks were designed to be of interest for visitors and participants engaged in the hotel and restaurant business. There will also be many other seminars, presentations and tastings. The motto of the exhibition is “The quality and safety of products” and is fully consistent with the values ??of “Vitmark-Ukraine”.


Two brands of “Vitmark-Ukraine” on the list of the most popular brands

Just two brands of “Vitmark-Ukraine” were included on the traditional list of top 50 most popular brands in Ukraine by Focus. Reputation of high-quality and delicious ukrainian juices reaffirmed “Nash Sok” and Jaffa, adding to the collection of long-term professional achievements of the Company.

Possibility of entering the list of the most successful and, therefore, favorite brands occurred because of financial indicators compiled by the 2012 . Thus, the volume of retail sales of TM “Nash Sok” in the country in 2012 amounted to 555 million USD., TM Jaffa – 121 million UAH.

Trademarks were ranked by Ukrainian companies-manufacturers and brands, developed or acquired by foreign companies, especially for Ukraine. The MMI Ukraine research was used for a preliminary list of brands, it is the survey conducted by the company «TNS Ukraine ” in the winter of 2012 and spring of 2013.

Assessment of the volume of sales was based on the open financial statements, as well as on the information provided by manufacturers – market participants.

The main goal of the annual Focus top 50 og popular Ukrainian brands is to illustrate consumer sentiment and actual consumption basket of Ukrainians.




TM “Prosto Frukty” – is the first Ukrainian company making smoothies which are natural, fresh and sugar-free.

“Healthy and active lifestyle is easy!” – that’s the philosophy of the brand which dictates the communication style of brand’s Facebook page.

Facebook page of the brand also provides informational support of “5’a’day” program, which was created to promote the consumption of fruit and vegetables as a mandatory component of a healthy diet of Ukrainian citizens.

Users who subscribed to Prosto Frukty Facebook page also have a lot of opportunities to participate in various interactive games. Join the page and live the life in smoothie style. www.facebook.com / ProstoFrukty



TM Nash Sok became sponsor for Karaoke on the Maidan

TM Nash Sok makes natural juices and nectars, which have earned national recognition of Ukrainians.

These are Ukrainian traditions, which unify TM Nash Sok and the popular TV show Karaoke on the Maidan and they are the reason the TM Nash Sok became the sponsor of the show since the beginning of August.

Karaoke on the Maidan is a bright musical show of the country, which airs for 14 years, all these years being led by the author of the project Igor Kondratjuk. Show pleases Ukrainians with good songs, great mood and pleasant prizes. And now, thanks to TM Nash Sok, there will be even more winners — most active participants of the show will get juicy presents from TM Nash Sok.

Watch Karaoke on the Maidan every Sunday at 10:00 on channel STB.



New site of TM Jaffa

“Vitmark-Ukraine” presents brand new site Jaffa – jaffa.ua came to life on the 8th of August, 2013.

The site provides user with detailed information about the Jaffa juices and nectars, news of the brand, the range of Jaffa products, and covers interesting sections of rational and emotional characteristics of the brand.

The product range on the site looks like a “virtual shelf” where each grocery item is presented in details.

To learn more about the 4 continents on which fruits for Jaffa juices and nectars grow, the user can watch the promo, “Jaffa World Map», which has the form of an interactive map with informative facts about each country.

The section “Every taste of Jaffa is a special mood” – consists of entertaining content that illustrates the emotional benefits of the brand in an unobtrusive and exciting format.

For the convenience of the users site has both Ukrainian and Russian versions.

We hope that you will enjoy visiting jaffa.ua. Have fun and be happy!



TM “Prosto Frukty” sponsored “Daddy’s daughters”

TM “Prosto Frukty” takes care of the good mood of Ukrainians, so from the beginning of the summer the brand began to support the programs of national TV channels of Ukraine.

On July 5, “Prosto Frukty” became the sponsor of the popular sitcom “Daddy’s Girls”. Support for the show will allow TM “Just Fruit” actively interact with its audience, keep the spirit high and enhance the quality of communication with the brand.

“Prosto Frukty” invites you to watch “Daddy’s Girls” with a glass of your favorite smoothie on Noviy channel on weekdays at 21:00.


New packaging of ™ “Odesskiy” export line

TM”Odesskiy” has updated the packaging design for the export line of juices, focused on highly competitive markets of the CIS countries.

The new retro concept of ™ “Odesskiy” impressively illustrates the classic juice recipe, created by the legendary production of OKZDP.

Still the style of Soviet realism selected for a spectacular redesign, conceptually passes the key both on rational and emotional levels of principles of the brand – the natural taste, high production standards and traditions of the highest quality.

Original juices, favorite childhood, meet at the juice shelves of CIS countries – in the new design!



The new communication platform of TM “Nash Sok”

Company Vitmark-Ukraine has developed a new communication platform for the brand “Nash Sok” – “Taste from childhood”.

The key idea, which “Nash Sok” appeals to consumers through a new TV commercial – it’s consistent quality and taste of the juice.

Odessa factory of baby food – the legendary brand of the Soviet era, when the plant was a leader in the production of juices and baby food in the Soviet Union.

This product grew several generations, and juice recipes in the best traditions and meets the stringent standards of the time.

Brand new video is filled with memories of loved ones each child’s taste and juice.

After all, the taste of “Nash Sok” – as in the juices that we so loved as a child! A new advertising campaign has already started on the national TV channels in June.