Jaffa – you know what you drink!

In the end of June, on the national TV channels of Ukraine in support of restarting the Jaffa brand launches ad campaign «Jaffa – you know what you drink!”.

The task of the advertising campaign – to strengthen the perception of the quality and increase consumer confidence in the brand. The new promotional video to enhance the image and reputation of Jaffa as an international brand with a long tradition and experience in the selection of fruit and juice production.

The main idea of the video – to convey to consumers the facts about Jaffa: wide popularity in many countries around the world, the selection of fruit and raw materials, collected on 4 continents, careful quality control, and 17 years of presence on the Ukrainian market.

The main hero of the movie, of course, has an updated line of 100% juice’s Jaffa!


“Vitmark-Ukraine” came into the annual UN report on the best European practices in corporate social responsibility.

The practice of corporate social responsibility of tne company “Vitmark-Ukraine” has been recognized as one of Europe’s best CSR practices. Report on best practices of CSR in Europe, including the case and “Vitmark-Ukraine”, was prepared and published by the European office of Global Compact Network in  this week.

The UN report on the best practices of CSR in Europe will be presented to world public opinion on June 17 this year in the Brazilian capital of Rio de Janeiro, as part of the International Conference on Sustainable Development «RIO +20».

The report includes a case study of CSR 222, presented not only European companies but also international business groups. The practice of CSR “Vitmark-Ukraine” has been awarded the attention of the UN, since, according to experts of the European office of Global Compact Network, the company’s business model is structured in such a way that solves a number of pressing social problems of the region, including the formal employment in rural areas, a stable and high according to market standards, wages, and also provides local farmers a permanent and stable markets.

As reported last year, inclusive business model “Vitmark-Ukraine” has already been noted by experts in the UN Global Report on the fight against poverty, and was presented to the UN General Assembly in Istanbul in March 2011.

31.05.2012 15.05.2012

“Juisik” ??produced a series of juices with a football theme

Brand “Juisik” ??produces limited edition juice pack for the football theme.
New product should appeal to kids who love sports, and addicted to football.

The new “football” series of “Juisik” includes three most popular flavors: apple, apple, strawberry and Multifruit.

Each unit packet of juice shows different football history. The hero, depicted on the packaging – monkey’s Ju friend, will assist in training young consumers, tossing a soccer ball, or show you how to stand at the gate.

The price for a limited series of children’s juice is the same as in the rest of the products of TM “Juisik”. A small consumers will be able to see the product on the shelves in mid-May.



In May starts a new advertising campaign TM “Our Juice”

In May the air national TV channels in Ukraine launched a new advertising campaign TM “Our Juice” – “Good, because it is not from concentrate.”

The new brand communication was the second part communications development platform, “Caring for a first-hand” that “Our Juice” first started using in 2011.

The main objective of the current campaign, “Our Juice” – to convey to consumers information about the different taste qualities of the juice with pulp, which the brand was able to achieve through its use in the production of natural raw materials, the rejection of the interim process the concentration of fruit and vegetable purees.

It is important that the taste of juice consumers are one of the highest – according to industry research for 2011 is for the taste and naturalness of the product the customer chooses a particular type and brand of juice.


“I like this juice” – tell everyone who tasting Jaffa!

From now on you can test the updated juice TM Jaffa in the largest supermarkets in Ukraine.

Now, Jaffa has an attractive design, and each pack juice – more fruits!

Tasting juices will be held every Thursday, Friday and Saturday during the month. The action was attended by supermarkets: Silpo, Velyka Kyshenya, Furshet, Varus, Tavria-V, Caravan, Amstor, Obzhora, and many other retailers.

We invite all customers to update tasting Jaffa! We are sure you will enjoy the rich taste and quality of Jaffa!



TM «Our Juice» entered the top five «Ukrainian brands rating»

Brand «Our Juice» was included in the top five «Ukrainian brands rating» in the category «Food». In the overall ranking domestic brands as voted by TM “Our Juice” took 11th place.

A total of 100 took part in the rating of Ukrainian brands on a national scale, under which manufacture products or provide the service.

Organizer of the «Ukrainian brands rating» for several years is the business portal www.delo.ua.
People vote for Ukrainian trade marks held from 14 March to 12 April in the “online”. Any visitor delo.ua could vote for a particular brand, as well as to leave a comment.

The purpose of «Ukrainian brands rating» – to raise the prestige of domestic producers. The annual project is also intended to promote awareness of Ukrainian society on national brands.


TM “Our Juice” will hold a consumer campaign during the spring holidays!

In April, launched a new consumer campaign from TM “Our juice.” On the whole territory of Ukraine will be relevant special offer this brand, dedicated to the spring holidays.

When you purchase three packages of “Our juice” in the fourth volume of the most popular pack you get a gift!

In a set of selected flavors: Tomato juice, peach juice with pulp, apple-grape and apple nectars.

The proposal will operate in the stores of retail chains: “Megamarket”, “Fozzy”, “Velyka Kyshenya”, “Real”, “Krai,” “Rost,” “Tavria V” as well as many others.

“Our Juice” – care first hand!


The price action of the TM “Our Juice” in a national network of ATB

For the traditional spring holidays TM “Our Juice” starts a price per share in the largest national retail chain ATB. The action is called “Savings.”

During the week, consumers can buy your favorite flavors TM “Our Juice” at a special price – 35% off the regular price of the product in a network ATB!

The action involves the most popular flavors – tomato and apple.
Promotion is valid from April 20 to 26 this year, inclusive.



TM “Just Fruits” will hold tasting for Ukrainian consumers

On the 29th of March, all consumers who have not tasted smoothies, smoothies can taste the first in Ukraine from TM “Just Fruits”.

Tasting will be held in seven Ukrainian cities: Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Donetsk, Odessa, Lugansk and Kharkiv.

The action will take place in the national retail chains Silpo, Velika Kyshenya, Furshet, Karavan, as well as in regional networks.

Tasting smoothies “Just Fruits” in a unique package will last until May, and will be held every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.