TM “Our Juice” will share the price for consumers in the network “Silpo”

On 20 September this year, TM “Our Juice” will be held at a price per share of the national retail network “Silpo”.
During the action consumers can buy popular taste “Our Juice” for a special price – up to 29% off!

The special offer flavors: grape-apple and multivitamin.
Noted the special promotional offer price tag network “Silpo”.

Offer is valid until October 3, 2012.



In Dnipropetrovsk started art competition “Explore the world with Juisik!”

On 17 of September in Dnipropetrovsk started art competition “Explore the world with Juisik”! This project is specifically organized for small fidgets that pencils and paints, together with his friend – a monkey Ju, will create a world of favorite juice “Juisik.”

The competition will be held on the Dnipropetrovsk Regional TV and radio company in children’s programs, “Tihіshe mishі” from September 17 to October 5, and “The Adventure of the cat Finik” from 22 September to 21 October.

At the end of the competition “Explore the world with Juisik” the jury will choose three winners who will receive great prizes:
1st place – (grand prize) – a modern scooter
2nd place – 2 boxes of juice “Juisik”
3rd place – 1 box of juice “Juisik”
We wish you inspiration, success and victory to our little explorer!
Benefit from nature! Explore your world with Juisik!