Brand Jaffa conducting re-design of batch size

At the end of June as part of re-branding Jaffa will re-design of batch size. Packing 0.2 liters in the new bright design is specially designed for an audience of children 7-12 years old.

The new packaging will not only match the design of the main line, it should attract the interest of children’s audience in the brand Jaffa. Portion 0.2 liters – the ideal amount of juice consumption for a single child, and bright design will make use also of interest.

The original idea of new items, implemented in package design – to keep up a lifestyle audience of children – boys and girls in adolescence. The new design format batch Jaffa to not only promote the consumption of natural juices among adolescents, but also to encourage young consumers to manifest their identity among their peers.

According to brand manager Olga Alexandrova, funny fruit brand heroes must enjoy children, and their original humorous remarks will involve young consumers in an interactive game. “We also hope that the original design with the new packaging Jaffa 0,2 liter juice consumption among adolescents will become more popular. After the consumption of such a healthy product – this is the best alternative to unwholesome food and beverages, which are now so popular among today’s children, “- comments re-design Olga Alexandrova.

The range of Jaffa 0,2 liters includes the most popular among the audience tastes: peach, multivitamin, banana, strawberry and grape-apple.


Jaffa – you know what you drink!

In the end of June, on the national TV channels of Ukraine in support of restarting the Jaffa brand launches ad campaign «Jaffa – you know what you drink!”.

The task of the advertising campaign – to strengthen the perception of the quality and increase consumer confidence in the brand. The new promotional video to enhance the image and reputation of Jaffa as an international brand with a long tradition and experience in the selection of fruit and juice production.

The main idea of the video – to convey to consumers the facts about Jaffa: wide popularity in many countries around the world, the selection of fruit and raw materials, collected on 4 continents, careful quality control, and 17 years of presence on the Ukrainian market.

The main hero of the movie, of course, has an updated line of 100% juice’s Jaffa!


“Vitmark-Ukraine” came into the annual UN report on the best European practices in corporate social responsibility.

The practice of corporate social responsibility of tne company “Vitmark-Ukraine” has been recognized as one of Europe’s best CSR practices. Report on best practices of CSR in Europe, including the case and “Vitmark-Ukraine”, was prepared and published by the European office of Global Compact Network in  this week.

The UN report on the best practices of CSR in Europe will be presented to world public opinion on June 17 this year in the Brazilian capital of Rio de Janeiro, as part of the International Conference on Sustainable Development «RIO +20».

The report includes a case study of CSR 222, presented not only European companies but also international business groups. The practice of CSR “Vitmark-Ukraine” has been awarded the attention of the UN, since, according to experts of the European office of Global Compact Network, the company’s business model is structured in such a way that solves a number of pressing social problems of the region, including the formal employment in rural areas, a stable and high according to market standards, wages, and also provides local farmers a permanent and stable markets.

As reported last year, inclusive business model “Vitmark-Ukraine” has already been noted by experts in the UN Global Report on the fight against poverty, and was presented to the UN General Assembly in Istanbul in March 2011.