31.05.2012 15.05.2012

“Juisik” ??produced a series of juices with a football theme

Brand “Juisik” ??produces limited edition juice pack for the football theme.
New product should appeal to kids who love sports, and addicted to football.

The new “football” series of “Juisik” includes three most popular flavors: apple, apple, strawberry and Multifruit.

Each unit packet of juice shows different football history. The hero, depicted on the packaging – monkey’s Ju friend, will assist in training young consumers, tossing a soccer ball, or show you how to stand at the gate.

The price for a limited series of children’s juice is the same as in the rest of the products of TM “Juisik”. A small consumers will be able to see the product on the shelves in mid-May.



In May starts a new advertising campaign TM “Our Juice”

In May the air national TV channels in Ukraine launched a new advertising campaign TM “Our Juice” – “Good, because it is not from concentrate.”

The new brand communication was the second part communications development platform, “Caring for a first-hand” that “Our Juice” first started using in 2011.

The main objective of the current campaign, “Our Juice” – to convey to consumers information about the different taste qualities of the juice with pulp, which the brand was able to achieve through its use in the production of natural raw materials, the rejection of the interim process the concentration of fruit and vegetable purees.

It is important that the taste of juice consumers are one of the highest – according to industry research for 2011 is for the taste and naturalness of the product the customer chooses a particular type and brand of juice.