TM “Just Fruits” will hold tasting for Ukrainian consumers

On the 29th of March, all consumers who have not tasted smoothies, smoothies can taste the first in Ukraine from TM “Just Fruits”.

Tasting will be held in seven Ukrainian cities: Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Donetsk, Odessa, Lugansk and Kharkiv.

The action will take place in the national retail chains Silpo, Velika Kyshenya, Furshet, Karavan, as well as in regional networks.

Tasting smoothies “Just Fruits” in a unique package will last until May, and will be held every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.



“Vitmark-Ukraine” has updated one of its leading brands – JAFFA

In February this year was carried out restarting the juice brand Jaffa – one of the key brands “Vitmark-Ukraine”. As a result, the market derived new product line under the brand name Jaffa, which replaced two subbrands – Jaffa Select and Jaffa Natura, previously positioned in the upper and middle price segments of the juice category.

Changing the brand portfolio will more clearly identify Jaffa, to improve his knowledge and perceptions of consumers, as well as distributional and focus marketing efforts of the Company in the same brand.

The Jaffa’s updated proposal includes new packaging design and improved formulations of the product – the taste of juice-date stamps have become more intense. It also has been expanded product line with two brand popular among Ukrainian consumers tastes – Sicilian orange and vegetable juice. Along with restarting the brand will also provide consumers a new packaging format portion – 0.33-liter Tetra Prisma with an innovative lid Dream Cap, which is an innovation in Europe.

According to brand manager Jaffa Olga Budnik, to change the brand was about a year. More than 11 months of research and conducted focus groups to develop a new package design with the assistance of the international design agencies, and consumer tastings, which resulted in significantly improved formulation of juices and nectars under the brand preferences of consumers.

According to the research more than 89% of respondents stated their intention to buy a new Jaffa.

Renovation of the brand will be supported by a new advertising campaign on television, and communications in the media and the Internet. In addition, the first day of the start-date sales of stamps were launched incentive programs for the partners of the Company and the trading team to improve the accessibility of Jaffa brand in retail.

As a result of restarting the brand Company expects an increase in market share of Jaffa in Ukraine up to 6% by the end of 2013.



The company “Vitmark-Ukraine” has updated the TM “Sokovyta”

In February, the company “Vitmark-Ukraine” has updated one of its brands – TM “Sokovyta.” Thus, the company responded to consumer trends.

Reduction in income in 2010 2011g.g. meant that consumers have begun to save on buying juice. That’s why “Vitmark-Ukraine” has decided to draw the attention of new consumers to the product with the best price offer – from the new “Sokovyta” the most affordable price for a gallon container.

The land on which brand positioning – “traditional Ukrainian juice”, which is reflected in the new package design, made in traditional Ukrainian style.

By the way, in the design of the TM “Sokovyta” is used Petrikov painting (Petrikіvsky rozpis), which has a native Ukrainian, namely – Prydniprovsky historical roots (modern Dnipropetrovsk). This decorative and ornamental painting, formed at the turn of the Dnipropetrovsk 19-20 centuries (the name comes from the village Petrikovka) came from the peasant household frescoes of the 19th century and became widely known and popular in our country and far beyond.

The product also has a new slogan – “Generous Ukraine.”

The changes were made and the range of TM «Sokovyta.” Now it includes the most popular flavors, satisfying the basic needs of consumers.



Three brands of the company “Vitmark-Ukraine” became “The best product of Russia”

Two weeks ago “Vitmark-Ukraine” took part in the 19 th International Exhibition “Prod Expo 2012”, which for many years considered the largest exhibition event in Eastern Europe.

At the International Exhibition held tasting competition of food and beverages for the title of “Best Products of Russia”. The company “Vitmark-Ukraine” has presented its new products – smoothies “Just Fruits”, an updated brand «Jaffa», as well as juices TM “Odesskiy” (this is an export version of the TM “Our Juice”).

The competition evaluated several options: packaging design – its compliance with Russian standards, its attractiveness, as well as the organoleptic characteristics of the product – color, taste, smell and texture.

According to the Competition Commission tasting all three grades of “Vitmark-Ukraine” are the best products in its category in all tested parameters.

The test results of TM «Jaffa», «Odesskiy” and “Just Fruits” are recognized as “Best Product of Russia” and awarded “Gold Medal quality.”

This year at the International Exhibition “Food Expo 2012” was presented in 2100 companies from 55 countries worldwide. “Vitmark-Ukraine” has been presented across its product line. In addition, this year the Russian visitors were introduced and new brands of the Company – Smoothies TM “Just Fruits” and an updated brand «Jaffa».

The exhibition Vitmark also took part in the forum of manufacturers and retailers, where representatives of the Company held successful talks with Russia’s largest retail chains to supply products to the Russian retail.