“Just Fruits” will be released in a unique innovative format

In March smoothies TM “Just Fruit” will replace a portion format to the innovation!

Now the first smoothie in Ukraine will be available in a unique for the Ukrainian and European markets batches format – 0.33-liter Tetra Prisma.

Thus, the brand will offer consumers new situation smoothie consumption, as well as make it more convenient and comfortable.

According to the company and customers, among which were tested the new format, new packaging, “Just Fruit” is more premium and convenient to use. 330 ml – is the perfect single serving smoothies for an adult, which is convenient to take with you.

Look for the new format of “Just Fruits” in retail outlets in Ukraine!


TM “Our Juice” launches the action for consumers

On March 1, TM “Our Juice” starts a price per share in the trading network “Silpo.”
Within a month, consumers can buy the popular tastes of the TM “Our juice” at a special price – 15% cheaper!

The action involves flavors: cherry, multifruit, grape and apple.
Special offer marked a special price tag of the network “Silpo.”

The action will last until March 31, 2012.



Consumer action by TM “Just Fruit” in network “Rukavichka”

TM “Just Fruit” carries a price per share for the consumers.

Until the end of February every taste smoothies TM “Just Fruit” can be purchased at a special price – 9, 99 hryvnia!

Share on smoothies TM “Just Fruit” operates in a network of shops “Rukavichka”.