Meet the New Year and Christmas with the Jaffa!

Jaffa offers to celebrate the New Year together and released a limited edition holiday line of juices.

New Year’s design series Jaffa Juice creates a special mood and rich flavor of juice will give a New Year’s fun!

New line consists of three flavors: fresh orange will 100% Christmas mood.Tropical fruit – just give a rich and sweet taste of the holiday, and orange-grapefruit give vigor and energy to all the holidays!

Jaffa – the most delicious juice for the holidays!



Our Juice starts the action in regional trade networks

In early November, the major regional retail chains launched a consumer campaign from TM “Our Juice.” Up until January 15, 2013 Ukrainian consumers who buy three packages of “Our Juice”, the fourth will receive a gift pack!

The special offer is the most popular flavors of “Our Juice”: multivitamin, grapes, apple, tomato and apple.It is worth noting that all the products of “Our Juice”, involved in the action, made ??a new crop of fruit and tomatoes!

We invite all customers for a gift – packed ‘Our Juice” fruit harvest in 2012!



TM “Our Juice” launches share price for consumers

In November, TM “Our Juice” launches share price for Ukrainian consumers in national retail chains.

During the action, which runs until 15 January 2013, products of TM “Our Juice” thrifty format 2 liters will be sold at a discount of up to 22%!

The action covers the most popular flavors of “Our Juice”, with each month in the action will be taking part a new taste.

Promotional items will be marked with special price tags or stretch bands.

TM “Our Juice” invites all customers to come from fruit juices for the new crop at a special price!


TM “Our Juice” will share the price for consumers in the network “Silpo”

On 20 September this year, TM “Our Juice” will be held at a price per share of the national retail network “Silpo”.
During the action consumers can buy popular taste “Our Juice” for a special price – up to 29% off!

The special offer flavors: grape-apple and multivitamin.
Noted the special promotional offer price tag network “Silpo”.

Offer is valid until October 3, 2012.



In Dnipropetrovsk started art competition “Explore the world with Juisik!”

On 17 of September in Dnipropetrovsk started art competition “Explore the world with Juisik”! This project is specifically organized for small fidgets that pencils and paints, together with his friend – a monkey Ju, will create a world of favorite juice “Juisik.”

The competition will be held on the Dnipropetrovsk Regional TV and radio company in children’s programs, “Tihіshe mishі” from September 17 to October 5, and “The Adventure of the cat Finik” from 22 September to 21 October.

At the end of the competition “Explore the world with Juisik” the jury will choose three winners who will receive great prizes:
1st place – (grand prize) – a modern scooter
2nd place – 2 boxes of juice “Juisik”
3rd place – 1 box of juice “Juisik”
We wish you inspiration, success and victory to our little explorer!
Benefit from nature! Explore your world with Juisik!


“Vitmark-Ukraine” took part in the International Forum of the European Youth Parliament in Odessa

“Vitmark-Ukraine” supported the First Odessa International Forum of the European Youth Parliament. This is a unique event for the young people gathered MPs of Ukraine and a dozen other countries. The Forum was held from 16 to 19 August, with the support of the Odessa City Council of the European Union to Ukraine, as well as with the assistance of a number of Ukrainian companies. The theme of the Forum in 2012 became the ecology and environmental protection.

This year the Forum covered such “green” theme, as the outcome of the UN Summit Rio 20, global climate change, the operation of emissions trading systems, the development of strategies to reduce energy consumption and the search for alternative energy sources.

During the Forum, the delegates had the opportunity to learn from the ecological point of both the public and private sectors. Andrey Kren, manager of public relations “Vitmark-Ukraine” was made at the Forum with the presentation of the Company’s environmental policy. The report presented the initiative “Vitmark-Ukraine” on environmental issues, in particular – the company’s participation in a project with Tetra Pak for the collection and recycling of waste cartons, Tetra Pak, and joint environmental education projects for school children, planned for 2012 and 2013.

In addition to theoretical material and scientific publications Forum delegates also appreciated the practical implementation of the concept of “green” responsible business at the special training, conducted by Andrey Kren with Anna Tarantsova, manager of environmental protection, Tetra Pak in Ukraine. Forum delegates were able to personally prepare the Tetra Pak packaging for recycling after drinking products in carton – juices TM “Our Juice.”


“Vitmark – Ukraine” increased processing volumes Ukrainian fruit and vegetables

“Vitmark – Ukraine” increased its apple processing by 10% compared to last year. This year the company plans to process 32,200 tons of Ukrainian apples.

Refining Company managed to increase by modernizing lines for processing apples on the production site of the Odessa plant of baby food in s.Stepanovka Razdelnyanskogo district of Odessa region. “We have updated and expanded capacity at the production site in the Odessa region. Now we process up to 180 tons of fresh apple a day “- said General Director of” Vitmark-Ukraine “Victor Stanislavsky.

Also, on the upgraded line company in the current season Ukrainian plans to process quince and pear. “This year we will be able to process an additional 140 tons and 100 tons of quince domestic pears,” – he stressed.

Over the last year the company will increase its own production of semi-finished products, due to the increase in refinery by 68% quince, plum – in 5,5 times, and carrots – 8 times! In 2011 the company began to process pepper to vegetable juice. This year, its processing will be doubled.

“In the face of rising commodity prices on the domestic market and especially on imported raw materials, the main tool to keeping the prices of products and maintain its profitability, for” Vitmark – Ukraine “is its own fruit and producing its own fruit and vegetable raw materials”, – said Victor Stanislavsky .

To date, the proper processing provides 70% of the company’s raw materials (this includes local fruit). The rest of the raw fruit and vegetables, grown in the region, the company purchased from other Ukrainian suppliers and tropical raw material which does not grow in Ukraine – is imported. However, some types of products from imported raw materials the company sells without profit or loss (for example, orange juice).



Tomorrow in Ukrainian supermarkets begins price action from TM “Our juice”

In August TM “Our juice” will launch a national price action for Ukrainian consumers. The production of “Our Juice” at a special price will be sold in national and regional retail networks in Ukraine.
During the action for the popular taste of ТМ “Our Juice” will operate a discount – up to 30%! In August at a special price you can buy a tomato and an apple, and in September – an apple and a multivitamin.

Special offer will be allocated a special price tag of retail network.
The action will last until 30 September inclusive.
We invite all customers to come and buy your favorite juice of TM “Our Juice” at an attractive price!



Jaffa will conduct a national price action for Ukrainian consumers

On August 1, the largest retail chains in Ukraine will be the price action of the TM Jaffa.

During the entire two months of Ukrainian consumers will be able to buy the most popular flavors Jaffa to 30% cheaper!
Be aware that the special offer will be allocated a special price tag.

Jaffa juices at an attractive price will be available until 30 September inclusive!
We invite all customers to come for the delicious juices of Jaffa at a very competitive price!



Brand Jaffa conducting re-design of batch size

At the end of June as part of re-branding Jaffa will re-design of batch size. Packing 0.2 liters in the new bright design is specially designed for an audience of children 7-12 years old.

The new packaging will not only match the design of the main line, it should attract the interest of children’s audience in the brand Jaffa. Portion 0.2 liters – the ideal amount of juice consumption for a single child, and bright design will make use also of interest.

The original idea of new items, implemented in package design – to keep up a lifestyle audience of children – boys and girls in adolescence. The new design format batch Jaffa to not only promote the consumption of natural juices among adolescents, but also to encourage young consumers to manifest their identity among their peers.

According to brand manager Olga Alexandrova, funny fruit brand heroes must enjoy children, and their original humorous remarks will involve young consumers in an interactive game. “We also hope that the original design with the new packaging Jaffa 0,2 liter juice consumption among adolescents will become more popular. After the consumption of such a healthy product – this is the best alternative to unwholesome food and beverages, which are now so popular among today’s children, “- comments re-design Olga Alexandrova.

The range of Jaffa 0,2 liters includes the most popular among the audience tastes: peach, multivitamin, banana, strawberry and grape-apple.