National Action for New Year holidays from TM «Our Juice»!

From November 1 to the territory of Ukraine will operate a special offer for New Year holidays from TM «Our Juice».
When you purchase three packages of «Our Juice» – you get the fourth for free!
In a set of selected flavors: multifruit, grape and apple, cherry and apple nectars.

The proposal will operate in the stores of national retailers ATB, Silpo, Amstor, Velyka Kyshenya, Furshet, Tavria V, Eurotech, as well as many others.

«Our Juice» – care first-hand!



The company “Vitmark-Ukraine” was nominated for best record of corporate social responsibility

The company “Vitmark-Ukraine” was nominated for best record of corporate social responsibility according to Readers’ Choice Award, National Competition for the best non-financial report of the company.
National Center for “The development of CSR” is the second time shall Readers’ Choice Award, with a view to attract the attention of stakeholders of the company to non-financial reports, and thereby encouraging companies to improve the quality of their form and content.

According to the head of the Centre CSR Marina Saprykin, the competition of non-financial reporting – it is primarily an opportunity to acquaint the public with the concept of CSR reporting and to improve the quality of reports of non-financial companies and company reports – an assessment of the rank and file employees, partners, teachers, and other business representatives.

As we know, “Vitmark-Ukraine” in 2007 – an official member of the Global Compact of the UN. In 2009 the company has matured first non-financial report, which was published in open sources.

It should be noted that the public interest in social activities of the company is quite high. Earlier this year, the business model “Vitmark-Ukraine” has been rated as the best in solving the problems of poverty in the region. The report of this was published in the Global Report on UN anti-poverty, and submitted to the UN General Assembly in Istanbul in March 2011.

According to UN experts Vitmark business model solves many of the social problems of the region’s inhabitants, including the formal employment in rural areas, a stable and high wages, as well as providing local farmers a permanent and stable markets.


TM “Just Fruits” conducts a campaign for consumers in the trade network “Silpo”

TM “Just Fruits” is beginning to share the price for consumers in a national commercial network “Silpo”. Consumer action starts on 6 October and runs until October 19, 2011. Products of TM “Just Fruits” will be sold at a special price of two hundred stores of “Silpo” in Ukraine. TM “Just Fruits” invites consumers to the network “Silpo” for your favorite smoothies at a special even more affordable price!