TM “Our Juice” now has its own website.

In the end of August TM “Our Juice” gets its own website www.nashsok.ua. A new information resource “Our Juice” will be the main platform for brand communication.

The site TM “Our Juice” first of all, carries information about the product, the quality standards used in the manufacture of products at the Odessa plant of baby food, as well as its brand activity – tastings, promotions and other consumer communications.

Site designed in the style of the brand – it is simple, clear your target audience has a very user-friendly interface. It should be a separate account for the production of a visual tour of the Odessa factory of baby food. The consumer will be able to see myself every step of manufacturing products of TM “Our Juice”, as well as information about some of the raw material the juices of the brand.

In addition, in off-line visitors can contact the company on consumer issues and to offer cooperation.


From August this year, products TM “Chudo-Chado,” is available in the largest trading network in Ukraine – ATB

From August, products TM “Chudo-Chado” will be sold in the largest Ukrainian retail chain – ATB. Juices for children will be presented to the network in a carton 200 ml, pure – 130 grams. In the future, product range of children’s brand in the ATB will be expanded.

“Chudo-Chado” will be sold in 433 stores ATB’s. Today it is the largest retail network in Ukraine. In the past 3 years ATB shows high growth rates. In an active network – more than 485 stores in 135 cities of Ukraine.



TM Juisik began active communication with their target audiences

TM «Juisik», released on the Ukrainian market in 2010, began active communication.
During July and August in Kiev and Kharkov in Ukraine zoos «Juisik» holds shares of local children and their parents.
Activities include competitions together in a specially equipped play area, the author’s tour of the zoo to the most interesting and popular enclosures, where children can learn more about the friends of monkey Ju. All children who had been a tour, receive a diploma, «Young Ju Ranger», and for taking part in competitions – prizes, gifts and, of course, juices TM «Juisik».
Excursions from «Juisik» very popular among the Kiev and Kharkov children, for two weeks on a tour of the shares zoos departed more than two thousand people!
Due to this format of communication TM «Juisik» effectively conveys the essence of the brand of their audience and conveys the nature of his character – a gay and vivacious monkey Ju.

In the autumn will be a number of major projects supporting the TM «Juisik».



Оn the test results of the Center for Independent Consumer Expertise TEST apple juice Jaffa Select was rated “EXCELLENT”

Apple Juice Jaffa Select TM is recognized as “best juice” according to independent consumer testing center TEST and received the organization’s official mark “excellent”. Roundup of seven brands of juice was held in June this year. In the laboratory, tested the organoleptic characteristics of products, packaging, labeling, as well as two important biochemical indicators – the share of dry matter and level gidromeksidfurfurol as the main indicator of product safety.

Amount of soluble solids – the main indicator in apple juice. This figure is in the juices Jaffa Select was one of the highest, indicating that the quality of the product. A level gidromeksidfurfurol – on the contrary, was one of the lowest. This means that the apple juice TM «Jaffa Select» one of the highest levels of security.

During the tasting juice Jaffa Select liked the professional tasters, indicating that its excellent organoleptic characteristics.

As previously reported, the production of «Jaffa» more than once received a rating of “EXCELLENT” by the independent consumer testing center TEST. In addition, the juice of TM «Jaffa Select» were awarded the “Gold Medal of Quality” by the results of the tasting competition of the largest exhibitions in Eastern Europe “ProdExpo” held in Moscow in February this year.