With the support of TM Juisik in Odessa hosted the Day of Smurfs.

This weekend Odessa met Smurfs – heroes of the film “The Smurfs” to be showed in cinema from August 2011.
During the Smurfs day children participated in various Smurfs events: they could draw, make soap bubbles, get balloons, and of course drink Juisik.
Children and their parents dip into the world of small Smurfs and learned more about their lives. Juisik helped to explore the Smurfs’ world with benefits.

TM Aquarte supported the Ukrainian Championship Mountain Bike

Last weekend, with the support of TM Aquarte in Kamenetz-Podolsk fortress Championship of Ukraine in the Olympic Mountain Bike Cross-country discipline. In the bike race over rough terrain of the ancient fortress took part as the defending champion and budding young sportsmen.
The main organizers of the Cycling Association Ukraine.

The main struggle in the male group of cyclists took place after two rounds, where he identified the main contenders for the win – the sportsmen Sergei Rysenko and Alexander Gerashchenko, who finished in the end with a 30-second gap. As a result, the leader of the race of men has become the reigning champion – Sergei Rysenko. Women’s Champion of Ukraine has become cyclist of the Volyn region Jana Belomoyna.

Throughout the competition of cyclists supported water TM Aquarte. At the start, riders happy to take Aquarte Focus on the route for charging on the road, and at the finishing point Aquarte Relax helped them relax after a strenuous cycling.

Now most of the participants in the Ukrainian championship moving to Chernivtsi, will host the 6th game and junior stage races in the Mountain Bike Championship of Ukraine. TM Aquarte will also support the Ukrainian cyclists in these events.



TM “Chudo-Chado” got its own website

In July this year, TM “Chudo-Chado” has got its own website – www.chudo-chado.ua.
The decision to make a consumer website for your company brand baby “Vitmark-Ukraine” took to the rapidly growing over the last few years of Internet activity of TM core audience, “Child of Wonder” – young mothers.
The site “Chudo-Chado”, above all, carries information about the product, the quality standards used in the manufacture of the product at the Odessa baby cannery food. With this new information resource gives young parents the opportunity to find answers to various questions related to the first months of baby’s life.
It should be noted that through the site, consumers can communicate with the children’s specialists in different fields – nutritionists, pediatricians, etc. on-line, and also discuss with more experienced parents, different topics on the forum site.
In addition, a new information resource will become a platform for contests, raffles and all kinds of stock from TM “Chudo-Chado”.
Given no less actively growing audience of social networking, TM “Chudo-Chado” runs parallel to the communication network Facebook, with the ability to move from its web resource directly to the “Chudo-Chado” a social network.


Just Fruits – the first smoothies in Ukraine!

In July on national TV advertising campaign in Ukraine will start a new product from Odessa baby cannery food – the first smoothie in Ukraine under the brand name «Just Fruits». Ukrainian consumers for the first time tasted a completely new product for the domestic market in April this year.
For the first time appeared in smoothies 1960s and became so popular in the world among the supporters of a healthy diet. And it’s no wonder! Because smoothies – fruit is a convenient and tasty form!
We propose to consume, «Just Fruits» for breakfast, a useful snack during the day or just for fun. This fruity drink will invigorate you every day, and become a real holiday mood and taste. The range of «Just Fruits» includes five different flavors: strawberry, wild berry, peach, black currant and pear. A convenient cartons Tetra Pak 1 liter and 0.5 liter will enjoy the taste of your family and on the road.
In the «Just Fruits» is nothing but fruit and juice! We fray fruit in apple juice with no added sugar or preservatives. Since preparing this drink – a real storehouse of vitamins, quality is guaranteed by the Odessa baby cannery food.
«Just Fruits» – fruits that you can drink!


Aquarte opened the season of beach football in Odessa

In the end of June, TM Aquarte opened the season of beach football in Odessa. The opening took place on the beach «Copacabana», which was specially equipped for conducting competitions in beach sports. Competition, most of which will be the regional round of Ukraine’s beach soccer for men and women, are held under the auspices of the Association of beach football in Odessa and the Odessa Rugby Union.
Also as part of the season will be a series of tournaments in beach rugby and beach volleyball. Every weekend, visitors to the beach will be able not only to relax on the beach in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, because the beach is equipped with everything you need for outdoor activities, as well as being an active fan, and watch the progress of the tournament games.
Competition with the support of TM Aquarte will be held throughout the summer season, until September.