Company Vitmark-Ukraine re-opened, “Our Juice”

From June 1 to Ukrainian TV channels broadcast a new TV commercial brand “Our Juice.”

The main purpose of the new campaign was to emphasize the rational benefits of “Our Juice”: responsibilities and traditions of the baby food manufacturer OBFC (Odessa Baby Food Cannery).

The key idea of the video – “Caring for a first-hand.”
The main heroine of roller supports mother, who for the health of your family picks only the most useful of Ukrainian products. To care for his own family, she selects “Our Juice” because she is – an expert on a juice factory OKZDP. So sure – the juice, who drinks her family, is produced from the best fruit and vegetables grown on Ukrainian land.

For the first time commercials TM “Our Juice” Ukrainian viewers saw in 2009, just after the re-branding campaign of the famous Odessa juices.