Jaffa Viva launched a global project – Ukrainian fitness tour in the cities of one million

19 May ended the project TM Jaffa Viva – Ukrainian fitness tour, starting in mid-April in the major sports networks and clubs of Ukraine. The program in Ukrainian cities with million – Odessa, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, and also the capital of Ukraine – Kiev with the support of TM Jaffa Viva been open master classes world-renowned fitness coach – Vladimir Snezhik, author of a fitness program PortDeBras, are popular in over 20 countries worldwide.
Master classes, which were open to everyone, a great success. Throughout the training of amateurs and professionals accompanied fitness products TM Jaffa Viva.


TM Chudo-Chado and the magazine “Mir Sem’i” conducted promotions at the First All-Ukrainian children’s exhibition “Baby Active”

May 14 in Kiev hosted the first All-Ukrainian exhibition of services and programs for children «Baby Active». The exhibition TM “Chudo-Chado” and the magazine “Mir Sem’i” conducted promotions for young visitors. The kids with their parents competed in the manifestation of their talents – children’s drawings, sculpture out of plasticine, clay, dough, applications, fun games – all in what the children could demonstrate their skill and ingenuity, realized in a lively and fun campaign. Total event attended by more than five thousand people.
Children are very willing to participate in the competitions: painted, sculpted, pasting, played and took pictures with characters from the cartoon on the booth of the action. And, of course, got good prizes and gifts from TM “Chudo-Chado” and the magazine “Mir Sem’i”.


TM Aquarte became an official partner of the First Kiev Half Marathon 2011

May 8, with the support of TM Aquarte hosted the first in the history of Ukraine Kiev half-marathon. Sprint athletes, dedicated to 66 Anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War, was held under the patronage of the Kyiv City State Administration, the National Olympic Committee, the Athletics Federation and the EU Delegation in Ukraine.
Despite the fact that Kiev half-marathon for the first time, to take part in the race was more than enough. The number of registered participants exceeded 10 thousand people!
Competitors were offered two distances: 5 km and 21 km. Organizers chose the route in the heart of the capital: Str. Khreshchatyk – Bessarabia area – st. Baseyna – st. Mechnikov – Klovskii descent – st. Institutskaya – st. Shelkovichnaya – st. Lutheran – St. Bankova – st. Institutskaya – Independence Square. Athletes have the opportunity to not only compete with a rival, but also contemplate the magnificent architectural monuments.
Due to the fact that TM Aquarte became the official water Half Marathon, our products are accompanied by athletes and gave strength throughout the race.

Foto: Leonid Alekseev, nbnews.com.ua



With the support of TM Jaffa Viva in Ukraine launched the first Ukrainian Fitness Forum

With the support of TM Jaffa Viva in Ukraine launched the first Ukrainian Fitness Forum

On April 29, told a news conference in UNIAN vice president of the Kiev fitness union organizer Ukrainian fitness forum and Fitness Sunday Vladislav Vavilov.

The purpose of the forum – promotion of fitness in Ukraine.

V. Vavilov noted that the Forum will be held for trainers gyms, trainers, group programs, administrators, fitness and wellness-centers, sales managers of fitness services, managers, CEOs and owners of the fitness business.

“The forum will be possible to know what is happening in the fitness industry not only in Kyiv, but the whole of Ukraine”, – said Vavilov.

He noted that at this event to take place not only with specialists from Ukraine, but also from Russia and Europe.

Famous Ukrainian athlete, world champion in the program Strongman, Head Sports Club “Konyushok Sports Sergey Konyushok, who also attended the press conference, in turn, stressed the need to conduct more such events. “There is already a practice of holding meetings and comprehensive measures for the leaders of the fitness industry, but it is basically is nominal. I also want to note that I am very glad that in Ukraine there are brands that share the idea of healing the nation, and support such activities. I want to thank for these brand Jaffa Viva », – he said.

TM Jaffa Viva was the General Partner of the First Ukrainian fitness forum and a series of events held at the Forum – Fitness Sunday.


Foto: Elena Guzeeva