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“Our Juice” has launched an advertising campaign on TV channels in Moldova

In December, the trademark “Our Juice” has launched a TV advertising campaign on TV Moldova. In this country brand is exported under the “Odessky.”

The advertising campaign will last one month and will go on TV N4, Russia, RTR, THT, Bravo, TV7, HTB, CTC and PRO TV.

The TV spot repeats its Ukrainian variant, except for the adaptation of the Russian language, and communicates the key brand values ??- tradition and quality manufacturer of baby food.


Brand «Jaffa Viva» and international fitness network «FitCurves» joined in the project “Ukrainian fitness-tour”

Brand «Jaffa Viva» with the support of the international network of fitness «FitCurves» initiated the project “Ukrainian fitness tour” of famous Russian and Ukrainian fitness trainers. The sports complex in Kiev, Odessa and Dnipropetrovsk will open workshops on fitness of international presenter Vladimir Snezhik (Russia) and Catherine Blinova (Ukraine).

The project “Ukrainian fitness-tour” initiated in the spring of this year, the brand «Jaffa Viva», has evolved – he was joined by international fitness network «FitCurves», including in Ukraine for more than 100 sports clubs.
Autumn tour program also expanded. Besides Russian fitness trainer Vladimir Snezhik, which this spring was represented by its authoring program PortDeBras in the largest sports clubs in Ukraine, a new fitness program Zumba submit founder of the Ukrainian network «FitCurves», certified coach Catherine Blinova.

Media partner of “Ukrainian fitness-tour” was presented by the magazine “Your Health” publishing house “Edipress-Ukraine”.

The project of TM «Jaffa Viva» intends to promote the culture of sport and fitness in Ukraine, which is one of the main drivers of health and beauty woman. The idea of “Ukrainian fitness-tour” support and honored coach Vladimir Snezhik, which was at the forefront of Russian fitness, and in this sport for 20 years. “What a woman needs to be in good shape, and as long as possible to preserve their health and beauty? There are two simple rules: eat right, including in your diet healthy and healthy foods, and lead an active lifestyle that includes sports, fitness, that is to keep yourself in good shape. The project of brand Jaffa Viva me totally impressed “- says his decision to join a fitness tour V. Snezhik.

Master classes of V.Snezhik and C.Blinova will be held in Ukraine from 18 to 20 November. To be able to attract a large flow of initiators of the project participants decided to hold classes in large halls, sports complexes urban megacities.

Details and registration by phone: (044) 22 88 170, as well as online www.fitcurves.org and social networks Jaffa Viva and FitCurves



TM «Chudo-Chado» determined the winners of “Spoon for mom!”

Today the winners were determined from TM «Chudo-Chado» and an Internet portal for parents UAUA – «Spoon for mom!». Leaders of the voting results were Kiev, and in the “People’s Choice” won contestant from Donetsk. Results of the contest with photos of winners available on the website UAUA.

Organizers of the contest received a lot of photos. Almost all of them were placed in social networks and online UAUA.

As previously reported, in mid-September contest was launched by ТM the «Chudo-Chado» and the Ukrainian portal for parents UAUA – «Spoon for mom!».

The competition was part photos, which show the kids «in the process of eating» in age from 0 to 3 years. Special requirements for the photographs did not expose what the picture, decided by the participants. Naturally, the flight of imagination and creativity are welcomed by the organizers! That is why the competition was very active, vibrant and exciting.

Foto from uaua.info


Juices and nectars of “Vitmark-Ukraine” recognized «Best Product» in Kazakhstan

Gold Medal as the International Tasting Competition “Best Product of WorldFood 2011”, held in the northern capital of Kazakhstan – Almaty in November, awarded juices and nectars of “Vitmark-Ukraine”.

The first prize in the contest and the title of “Best Product” received juices and nectars brand «OUR JUICE», presented in the Kazakh market brand “Odessa”, and juices for child TM “Chudo-Chado”.

Tasting contest held as part of international food exhibitions «WorldFood Kazakhstan», which gathered at the International Expo Center “Atakent” representatives of 320 companies from 38 countries.

The expert commission tasting contest, consisting of highly qualified specialists of food industry in the republic of Kazakhstan in the organoleptic evaluation of food quality, assessed the quality of the samples according to the methods provided for scientific and technical documentation, and in accordance with the standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Besides the “gold” tasting contest, Vitmark received a Diploma for “Best Design” of their exposure, and stand by the organizers called “the most luscious booth” exhibition.
The company “Vitmark-Ukraine” was first presented at the Asian International Exhibition of product «WorldFood Kazakhstan», did not prevent the juices and nectar company to gain the title of “Best Product” in Kazakhstan.



In cinemas started an animated campaign TM «Juicik»

The end of October, in 22 theaters in Ukraine started an animation TM «Juicik». Juice advertising campaign for children has coincided with a national demonstration of the new cartoon “Puss in Boots,” which was released during the school holidays.

As the brand manager brand «Juicik». Natalia Malashok, the campaign aims to improve the performance of image the brand – the knowledge and awareness among key target audience – preschool and early school age. “We are confident that this campaign is the brand loyalty to increase significantly. In our opinion, the channel of communication and time are chosen very well “, – says Natalia.

Expectations of the campaign TM «Juicik». during the long-awaited start of new film distribution are well founded. Logically, the success of the new animated film “Puss in Boots,” which is the first branch of the franchise “Shrek”, will also affect the children’s brand, the movie that accompanies the show well at the box office champion. According to the publication The Hollywood Reporter, for the first weekend only at the U.S. box office animated novelty has already earned $ 34 million.


National Action for New Year holidays from TM «Our Juice»!

From November 1 to the territory of Ukraine will operate a special offer for New Year holidays from TM «Our Juice».
When you purchase three packages of «Our Juice» – you get the fourth for free!
In a set of selected flavors: multifruit, grape and apple, cherry and apple nectars.

The proposal will operate in the stores of national retailers ATB, Silpo, Amstor, Velyka Kyshenya, Furshet, Tavria V, Eurotech, as well as many others.

«Our Juice» – care first-hand!



The company “Vitmark-Ukraine” was nominated for best record of corporate social responsibility

The company “Vitmark-Ukraine” was nominated for best record of corporate social responsibility according to Readers’ Choice Award, National Competition for the best non-financial report of the company.
National Center for “The development of CSR” is the second time shall Readers’ Choice Award, with a view to attract the attention of stakeholders of the company to non-financial reports, and thereby encouraging companies to improve the quality of their form and content.

According to the head of the Centre CSR Marina Saprykin, the competition of non-financial reporting – it is primarily an opportunity to acquaint the public with the concept of CSR reporting and to improve the quality of reports of non-financial companies and company reports – an assessment of the rank and file employees, partners, teachers, and other business representatives.

As we know, “Vitmark-Ukraine” in 2007 – an official member of the Global Compact of the UN. In 2009 the company has matured first non-financial report, which was published in open sources.

It should be noted that the public interest in social activities of the company is quite high. Earlier this year, the business model “Vitmark-Ukraine” has been rated as the best in solving the problems of poverty in the region. The report of this was published in the Global Report on UN anti-poverty, and submitted to the UN General Assembly in Istanbul in March 2011.

According to UN experts Vitmark business model solves many of the social problems of the region’s inhabitants, including the formal employment in rural areas, a stable and high wages, as well as providing local farmers a permanent and stable markets.


TM “Just Fruits” conducts a campaign for consumers in the trade network “Silpo”

TM “Just Fruits” is beginning to share the price for consumers in a national commercial network “Silpo”. Consumer action starts on 6 October and runs until October 19, 2011. Products of TM “Just Fruits” will be sold at a special price of two hundred stores of “Silpo” in Ukraine. TM “Just Fruits” invites consumers to the network “Silpo” for your favorite smoothies at a special even more affordable price!



Competition was launched by TM the “Chudo-Chado” – “A spoon for mom!”

September 16 started the competition from TM “Chudo-Chado” – “spoon for mom!”. The competition is held in conjunction with the Ukrainian Internet portal for parents UAUA.

The essence of competition – to capture the brightest and most wonderful moments in the life of the growing baby. The competition will be attended by photos, which show the amazing kids’ meals “at the age of 0 to 3 years. What will be the photo – TM “Chudo-Chado” leaves the item at the discretion of the contest participants. Be creative and imagination!

Entries are accepted from September 16 to October 4. Announcement of the results is scheduled for Nov. 10.

Details of the competition – on site UAUA.info.