“Chudo-Chado”Baby Food Brand Boosted its Share

According to the last data of the Ukrainian State Statistics Committee, market share of baby food brand “Chudo-Chado” equaled 33%. It took less than half a year for the Trade Mark to add another 10% to its market share as of 2008 (which was 24%).

In 2009 Ukrainian baby food market went through global changes. Strained economic situation affected the major international baby-food brands, being in favour of national producers. The growth of international currency rate against UAH doubled the cost of imported baby food products right away, and even strong marketing support along with well-developed distribution system could not prevent the drop in sales of foreign producers’ trademarks.

Last year the total market share of foreign brands approximated 60%, whereas this year they made room for national trademarks. Already in the first quarter of 2009 the share of Ukrainian baby food prevailed over foreign at ratio: 55 vs. 45 %.

According to Olesya Repetiy, Chudo-Chado TM brand-manager, the current situation on the market provides new possibilities for our trademark. “We have adapted to the new work conditions very fast and supported our trademark both with classic marketing instruments and original communications. Because of the imported production’s price rise consumers started to switch to national brands. This is why it is very important now to underline the competitive advantages of our product, for the consumer to make the right choice – selecting Chudo-Chado TM” – pointed Olesya Repetiy.