OBFC’s “white package” acquires own name and changes appearance

Popular juices of Odessa Baby Food Cannery (OBFC), also known as Odessa juices, acquired their own name and changed packaging. The campaign on rebranding of OBFC TM started in August. The new name given to favourite juices is: “Our Juice”.

OBFC juices in white packages were launched into market in 2002. Perfectly high quality of the product together with zero expenses on bright packaging and advertising made the product unique and highly competitive. Consumers who had tried the novelty advised it to their friends and family, and in no time juices featuring the kitchen boy on their package took up one of the leading positions on the Ukrainian juice market.

Because of Odessa juice success, competitors tried to copy it and produce juices in a very similar “white” package. This is one of the reasons for the brand to go up to the new stage of its development. According to Tatiana Soltyk, OBFC TM senior brand-manager, rebranding will ensure that Odessa juices’ true values are delivered to every consumer. «Our symbol is hands of people, each day giving warmth and care to their dear ones. Also, hands symbolize working efforts put into the product and all the concern given about its highest quality. Odessa juice stands guard on its crucial values, and on the new stage of the brand’s development its essence becomes visualized in its name and appearance. Consumers appreciate Odessa juices as best for their health needs. This is why “Our Juice is the best for your loved ones!”, commented Tatiana Soltyk.

The changes also applied to the product’s assortment: tastes of traditional juices line were improved by the results of a series of degustations.

Despite of all the changes, price of Our Juice remains moderate as before. “Our Juice by OBFC will always show the best quality-price ratio on the market” – mentioned Tatiana Soltyk.

Our Juice went on sales in July. Gradually it will fully substitute the well-known and well-liked OBFC’s “white package”.