Jaffa Spring with gold medals

In a closed degustation contest ALCO-SOFT 2009 Vitmark-Ukraine Ltd. was awarded with two gold medals for the high quality of its new product – juice-containing carbonated drink of Jaffa Spring TM.

By the results of degustation performed by professional comittee of the contest, juice-containing carbonated drinks of Jaffa Spring TM scored a majority of votes and are acknowledged the best natural carbonated drink of the year. By a solid vote of all the committee members Jaffa Spring TM drinks are awarded with two Gold Medals for Quality – one for each of the represented samples: orange-lemongrass and pomegranate-ginseng.

According to Nikolay Lavriyenko, chairman of degustation committee, the new product under Jaffa Spring TM truly deserves the high mark given by the committee members. “It is worth noting that Vitmark-Ukraine annually represents new samples of products for the contest, and their quality is traditionally positively appreciated by the panel. Degustation experts pointed out the exemplary organoleptic indices of this product, novelty and originality of its flavor. Without any doubt, this product will be to the liking of both Ukrainian and foreign consumers” – comments on Jaffa Spring TM’s victory Nikolay Lavriyenko.

As reported earlier by Vitmark-Ukraine, natural juice-containing carbonated drinks of Jaffa Spring TM put on the market two months ago have become a real innovation of Ukrainian non-alcohol drinks market. It is the first time in Ukraine that carbonated drink is being produced without adding preservatives or synthetic coloring agents due to the new aseptic technology of producing carbonated drinks. What makes the product unique is: the high (10%) content of natural juice, much higher than that of other carbonated drinks represented on Ukrainian market, and addition of herbal extracts, which adds extra consumer’s value.

«Alco Soft» exhibition is a famous international event specialized in beverage industry of Ukraine and CIS, reflecting all the tendencies of alcohol and non-alcohol drinks market. Its programme annually includes a professional degustation contest among juices, beer and other beverages.

The ceremony on which Jaffa Spring TM will be presented with its diplomas and Gold Medals will take place during “Alco+Soft 2009” exhibition to be held in September in Kiev International Exhibition Centre.