Vitmark participated in “Zelena Toloka” ecological action

On April 25, Kiev, Vitmark-Ukraine Co. took part in a large-scale ecological action “Zelena Toloka”, dedicated to the Earth Day and organized by the UNO mission in Ukraine. Representatives of Vitmark-Ukraine, Kiev branch, were among many other large Ukrainian companies that were during the day cleaning the territory of Trukhanov island from garbage and plastic bottles. With this, Vitmark-Ukraine Co. proved its active social position as to ecology and environment of Ukraine.

Last year more than a hundred participants from 20 companies, Vitmark employees included, participated in a similar event on the bank of Dnieper river, and established an original record – they gathered 5 tonnes of garbage. This year “Zelena Toloka” has united 350 participants, who have beaten last year’s record with gathering more than 8 tonnes of garbage!

It is worth noting that this year celebrities, too have displayed interest towards the UNO ecological initiative. Leader of Vopli Vidoplyasova band Oleg Skrypka and Gulyay Gorod ethnic musical band have participated in the action. According to Victor Stanislavskiy, vice-president of Vitmark Holding, “Zelena Toloka” is not the only social action this year in which employees of the Company have actively participated. “It is a pleasure to note that both trading and production staff are showing responsible attitude towards global social initiatives as well as to Vitmark’s inner actions, and this is without mentioning the fact that all the events we are taking part in are voluntary. This year we actively responded the large-scale initiative “The Earth Hour”, that was held in the end of March. In February we held an action within the Company named “Save Water and Electricity” that was accompanied by inner printed materials which motivated the employees to save energetic sources”,- said Victor Stanislavskiy.

Treating all the participants of the action with beverages produced by Vitmark-Ukraine made up a nice ending of the event. Representatives of Ukrainian companies had a peasure of tasting products of such TMs as Aquarte, Jaffa Ice Tea, and also a novelty – juice-contending saturate drinks of Jaffa Spring TM.


Jaffa to go to the new category of beverages

In April this year the famous brand JAFFA is coming to the new market. The novelty under JAFFA SPRING TM will become the first 100% natural fruit saturate drink in Ukraine within CSD (Carbonated Soft Drinks) category.

According to Denys Barlyayev, “Vitmark-Ukraine” Ltd.’s marketing director, despite the fact that the category of saturate drinks is well-developed, the brand-new JAFFA SPRING is indeed an innovation: “It is the first time in Ukraine that a saturate drink is being produced without adding preservatives and synthetic coloring agents. This became possible in JAFFA SPRING due to the new aseptic technology of drinks production with gasification. What also makes the product unique is the high (up to 10%) content of natural juice, which is much higher than in most CSD drinks. Herbal extracts that are also added to the novelty bring additional consumer value to JAFFA SPRING”.

JAFFA SPRING is targeted to the mass consumer, for whom not only quenching thirst and pleasing taste sensation, but also healthy qualities of the product are important. JAFFA expertise let the new product be natural, tasty and healthy at a time.

The product line includes 4 of the most popular fruit flavors: apple-ehinatseya, pomegranate-ginseng, lemon-mint, orange-lemongrass. Jaffa Spring is represented in different PAT-package formats – for consuming either “on the run” (0,5 litres) or at home (1,5 litres).

“Vitmark-Ukraine” Ltd. is sure that Jaffa Spring natural saturate drinks will attract the consumers with bright design, perfect natural flavor and moderate price.

Jaffa Spring will be available for retail sale this April.