“Chudo-Chado”Baby Food Brand Boosted its Share

According to the last data of the Ukrainian State Statistics Committee, market share of baby food brand “Chudo-Chado” equaled 33%. It took less than half a year for the Trade Mark to add another 10% to its market share as of 2008 (which was 24%).

In 2009 Ukrainian baby food market went through global changes. Strained economic situation affected the major international baby-food brands, being in favour of national producers. The growth of international currency rate against UAH doubled the cost of imported baby food products right away, and even strong marketing support along with well-developed distribution system could not prevent the drop in sales of foreign producers’ trademarks.

Last year the total market share of foreign brands approximated 60%, whereas this year they made room for national trademarks. Already in the first quarter of 2009 the share of Ukrainian baby food prevailed over foreign at ratio: 55 vs. 45 %.

According to Olesya Repetiy, Chudo-Chado TM brand-manager, the current situation on the market provides new possibilities for our trademark. “We have adapted to the new work conditions very fast and supported our trademark both with classic marketing instruments and original communications. Because of the imported production’s price rise consumers started to switch to national brands. This is why it is very important now to underline the competitive advantages of our product, for the consumer to make the right choice – selecting Chudo-Chado TM” – pointed Olesya Repetiy.


OBFC’s “white package” acquires own name and changes appearance

Popular juices of Odessa Baby Food Cannery (OBFC), also known as Odessa juices, acquired their own name and changed packaging. The campaign on rebranding of OBFC TM started in August. The new name given to favourite juices is: “Our Juice”.

OBFC juices in white packages were launched into market in 2002. Perfectly high quality of the product together with zero expenses on bright packaging and advertising made the product unique and highly competitive. Consumers who had tried the novelty advised it to their friends and family, and in no time juices featuring the kitchen boy on their package took up one of the leading positions on the Ukrainian juice market.

Because of Odessa juice success, competitors tried to copy it and produce juices in a very similar “white” package. This is one of the reasons for the brand to go up to the new stage of its development. According to Tatiana Soltyk, OBFC TM senior brand-manager, rebranding will ensure that Odessa juices’ true values are delivered to every consumer. «Our symbol is hands of people, each day giving warmth and care to their dear ones. Also, hands symbolize working efforts put into the product and all the concern given about its highest quality. Odessa juice stands guard on its crucial values, and on the new stage of the brand’s development its essence becomes visualized in its name and appearance. Consumers appreciate Odessa juices as best for their health needs. This is why “Our Juice is the best for your loved ones!”, commented Tatiana Soltyk.

The changes also applied to the product’s assortment: tastes of traditional juices line were improved by the results of a series of degustations.

Despite of all the changes, price of Our Juice remains moderate as before. “Our Juice by OBFC will always show the best quality-price ratio on the market” – mentioned Tatiana Soltyk.

Our Juice went on sales in July. Gradually it will fully substitute the well-known and well-liked OBFC’s “white package”.


Attention! Action for our consumers!

Attention! Action for our consumers!

Jaffa Spring TM is launching an action campaign for the consumers called “Get the Best Quality for the Best Price!”

In July 2009 in Velyka Kishenya supermarket network one can get 1.5 litres of 100% natural juice drink Jaffa Spring for as little as UAH 4.55!

Attention! Price includes 5% discount provided on a coupon from Velyka Kishenya network’s leaflet or network discount card.


Jaffa Spring with gold medals

In a closed degustation contest ALCO-SOFT 2009 Vitmark-Ukraine Ltd. was awarded with two gold medals for the high quality of its new product – juice-containing carbonated drink of Jaffa Spring TM.

By the results of degustation performed by professional comittee of the contest, juice-containing carbonated drinks of Jaffa Spring TM scored a majority of votes and are acknowledged the best natural carbonated drink of the year. By a solid vote of all the committee members Jaffa Spring TM drinks are awarded with two Gold Medals for Quality – one for each of the represented samples: orange-lemongrass and pomegranate-ginseng.

According to Nikolay Lavriyenko, chairman of degustation committee, the new product under Jaffa Spring TM truly deserves the high mark given by the committee members. “It is worth noting that Vitmark-Ukraine annually represents new samples of products for the contest, and their quality is traditionally positively appreciated by the panel. Degustation experts pointed out the exemplary organoleptic indices of this product, novelty and originality of its flavor. Without any doubt, this product will be to the liking of both Ukrainian and foreign consumers” – comments on Jaffa Spring TM’s victory Nikolay Lavriyenko.

As reported earlier by Vitmark-Ukraine, natural juice-containing carbonated drinks of Jaffa Spring TM put on the market two months ago have become a real innovation of Ukrainian non-alcohol drinks market. It is the first time in Ukraine that carbonated drink is being produced without adding preservatives or synthetic coloring agents due to the new aseptic technology of producing carbonated drinks. What makes the product unique is: the high (10%) content of natural juice, much higher than that of other carbonated drinks represented on Ukrainian market, and addition of herbal extracts, which adds extra consumer’s value.

«Alco Soft» exhibition is a famous international event specialized in beverage industry of Ukraine and CIS, reflecting all the tendencies of alcohol and non-alcohol drinks market. Its programme annually includes a professional degustation contest among juices, beer and other beverages.

The ceremony on which Jaffa Spring TM will be presented with its diplomas and Gold Medals will take place during “Alco+Soft 2009” exhibition to be held in September in Kiev International Exhibition Centre.


Chudo-Chado TM juices are recognized the best

Production of Chudo-Chado TM is recognized the best in nomination “Baby fruit puree” by the results of “HIT of the Year 2008. All the Best for Your Kid” action, that was held by the Edipress-Ukraine Publishing House and Your Baby magazine.

“HIT of the Year 2008. All the Best for Your Kid” action was organized in order to help young parents choose high-quality baby products.

“ HIT of the Year ” is held annually among the most popular goods and products of high quality for children. Those goods and products that score the best results become the winners and receive a distinction sign “HIT of the Year. All the Best for Your Kid”. In 2008 the number of nominations grew to be 46; 27 companies took part in the competition presenting 206 items of goods from different categories.

Organizers of the action entrusted the experts – parents and their kids with testing all the represented goods. None can doubt the fact that moms and dads may be trusted like nobody else. Among the experts there were celebrities, doctors, sportsmen, journalists and just very responsible parents, all of them being the readers of Edipress-Ukraine children editions.

Nine people were on the jury to test the production. Firstly, goods were divided into categories. Next, the rating scale and questionnaires were developed. All the members of the jury received samples of goods and products, and were supposed to test them during 2 months together with their little ones (i.e. to apply creams, drink juices, play the games etc.) After that, parents filled up the questionnaires and gave their ratings, relying on their own perception and their kids’ impression. Thus, estimation of goods and products given by such truly independent experts is indeed the most objective!

According to Alla Mazur, anchorwoman at «1+1» TV channel and at a time mother of a 6-months old son Artem, organizing “ HIT of the Year ” action is a great idea helping parents choose only the best for their little ones. “The action helped me not only to better understand my son’s character and preferences, but also to better orientate myself in an ocean of modern goods for kids. I’d be glad if our feedback helped other readers, too, choose the best for their babies” – commented Alla Mazur on the importance of the action.

Oksana Osavolyuk, doctor-pediatrician in Scientific-Research Institute of Pediatry, Obstetrics and Gynecology, a 1 year old son Zakhar’s mother, also thinks of “HIT of the Year” as a very useful project, since it helps parents choos the best goods and products for a kid: “Sooner or later one faces a problem of choice – when you enter a store to get something special for your child and can not fix your eyes on anything due to the abundance of goods for babies. The action has definitely brought parents a lot of good!”

The fact that Chudo-Chado TM juices became the winners alongside with other famous TMs is not accidental. Today Chudo-Chado is among the absolute leaders in the segment of baby juices, its market share is 25%. The dynamically growing sales on both inner and foreign markets speak out about popularity of products under this TM.

The high quality of Chudo-Chado juices and purees is eloquently proved by the fact of State Standard of Russia’s signing the Certificate allowing export of juices under this TM onto Russia’s inner market, though Russia always had very strict requirements to the imported products, especially to the products of “baby food” category.



JAFFA TM launches a massed advertising campaign

In May popular JAFFA brand launches a massed advertising campaign on Ukrainian TV channels. The main goal is to communicate the idea of JAFFA’s leadership and to enhance customer’s loyalty towards the renewed Jaffa Select TM which was redesigned in the end of last year. With this, Vitmark-Ukraine Co. plans to secure position of JAFFA umbrella-brand in Ukrainian juice market and to attract even more attention on the side of consumers to the renewed TM.

Olga Budnik, JAFFA TM brand-manager, notes that the Company took this decision after a chain of marketing researches. “A drop in sales which was expected in the market made the producers cut expenses on supporting expensive brands. Though, since for the leading TM it is always important to maintain communication with the consumers, we believe that active marketing support to JAFFA brand is absolutely necessary, the more so because the results of the first quarter proved the high loyalty towards the expensive juice TMs and displayed an increase in sales of Jaffa Select TM juices. Taking this fact into account, the Company decided to support the growing interest among the consumers to the renewed TM, by launching an advertising campaign on national channels” – specified Olga Budnik.

Despite the pessimistic prognosis as to the development of juice market, from the beginning of the current year Jaffa brand manifested itself pretty actively. In April there appeared a brand-new product – a series of natural saturate drinks under Jaffa Spring TM, the PAT-line of Jaffa Fresh Up TM, 0.5 liter, was renewed and production of the new format (1 litre) of the same was launched, too.

Moreover, JAFFA held a large-scale action for consumers in Ukrainian trade networks, aimed to support the sales of Jaffa Select, Jaffa Natura and Jaffa Viva TMs.


Juices of Jaffa Select TM are acknowledged the best

Juices of Jaffa Select TM are acknowledged the best by the result of testing held by TEST Scientific-Research Centre of Independent Consumer Expertise, the organization performing professional tests and analyses on quality and safety of goods and services. Orange juice of Jaffa Select TM that has been tested for organoleptic property, dry matter and vitamin С content (the main “health index” in orange juices) along with other Ukrainian brands is acknowledged the best and receives “EXCELLENT” mark.

Valentyn Bezrukiy, President of the Centre of Independent Consumer Expertise TEST, commented on the results of testing that authenticity of orange juices has been laboratory-checked for a number of indices standardized in the Set of Rules of the EU Juice IndustryAssociation (AIJN).

“In general, the results are satisfying. Firstly, the tested samples proved to be truly orange juices. I would like to single out Jaffa Select TM juice by the index of vitamin C and dry matter content. With this, the mentioned juice got “excellent” in organoleptic qualities”, says Valentyn Bezrukiy.

Following the standards, orange juice should look like a non-transparent ripe-orange coloured liquid with peculiar taste and smell, sometimes with light natural bitterness of essential oil. Minor content of pulp is permissible, providing the beverage with fullness of taste. Nevertheless, the true nature of juice may only be defined in a laboratory. The main indices showing that the juice is natural is dry matter content (no less than 11,2%) and vitamin C content in the amount of 20 mg in 100g of product. These indices proved to be the highest in Jaffa Select TM juice. Altogether, product samples of 6 famous Ukrainian TMs in carton were tested.



Vitmark participated in “Zelena Toloka” ecological action

On April 25, Kiev, Vitmark-Ukraine Co. took part in a large-scale ecological action “Zelena Toloka”, dedicated to the Earth Day and organized by the UNO mission in Ukraine. Representatives of Vitmark-Ukraine, Kiev branch, were among many other large Ukrainian companies that were during the day cleaning the territory of Trukhanov island from garbage and plastic bottles. With this, Vitmark-Ukraine Co. proved its active social position as to ecology and environment of Ukraine.

Last year more than a hundred participants from 20 companies, Vitmark employees included, participated in a similar event on the bank of Dnieper river, and established an original record – they gathered 5 tonnes of garbage. This year “Zelena Toloka” has united 350 participants, who have beaten last year’s record with gathering more than 8 tonnes of garbage!

It is worth noting that this year celebrities, too have displayed interest towards the UNO ecological initiative. Leader of Vopli Vidoplyasova band Oleg Skrypka and Gulyay Gorod ethnic musical band have participated in the action. According to Victor Stanislavskiy, vice-president of Vitmark Holding, “Zelena Toloka” is not the only social action this year in which employees of the Company have actively participated. “It is a pleasure to note that both trading and production staff are showing responsible attitude towards global social initiatives as well as to Vitmark’s inner actions, and this is without mentioning the fact that all the events we are taking part in are voluntary. This year we actively responded the large-scale initiative “The Earth Hour”, that was held in the end of March. In February we held an action within the Company named “Save Water and Electricity” that was accompanied by inner printed materials which motivated the employees to save energetic sources”,- said Victor Stanislavskiy.

Treating all the participants of the action with beverages produced by Vitmark-Ukraine made up a nice ending of the event. Representatives of Ukrainian companies had a peasure of tasting products of such TMs as Aquarte, Jaffa Ice Tea, and also a novelty – juice-contending saturate drinks of Jaffa Spring TM.


Jaffa to go to the new category of beverages

In April this year the famous brand JAFFA is coming to the new market. The novelty under JAFFA SPRING TM will become the first 100% natural fruit saturate drink in Ukraine within CSD (Carbonated Soft Drinks) category.

According to Denys Barlyayev, “Vitmark-Ukraine” Ltd.’s marketing director, despite the fact that the category of saturate drinks is well-developed, the brand-new JAFFA SPRING is indeed an innovation: “It is the first time in Ukraine that a saturate drink is being produced without adding preservatives and synthetic coloring agents. This became possible in JAFFA SPRING due to the new aseptic technology of drinks production with gasification. What also makes the product unique is the high (up to 10%) content of natural juice, which is much higher than in most CSD drinks. Herbal extracts that are also added to the novelty bring additional consumer value to JAFFA SPRING”.

JAFFA SPRING is targeted to the mass consumer, for whom not only quenching thirst and pleasing taste sensation, but also healthy qualities of the product are important. JAFFA expertise let the new product be natural, tasty and healthy at a time.

The product line includes 4 of the most popular fruit flavors: apple-ehinatseya, pomegranate-ginseng, lemon-mint, orange-lemongrass. Jaffa Spring is represented in different PAT-package formats – for consuming either “on the run” (0,5 litres) or at home (1,5 litres).

“Vitmark-Ukraine” Ltd. is sure that Jaffa Spring natural saturate drinks will attract the consumers with bright design, perfect natural flavor and moderate price.

Jaffa Spring will be available for retail sale this April.


Увага! Акцiя для споживачiв!

Торговельна марка “Одеський консервний завод дитячого харчування” проводить акцію для споживачів!

Впродовж березня та квітня 2009 року при купівлі сока ТМ “Одеський консервний завод дитячого харчування” в упакуванні 1,5 літра споживач отримує ще пакунок соку 0,2 літра в подарунок!

Акція діє в магазинах мережі «Фора» й «Бумі Маркет» в містах Київ, Рівно та Харків.