Expansion of the Product Line of Jaffa Brand

In the beginning of June, Jaffa brand will be presented in the product segment, being quite new for it – the snack category. Jaffa Apple Chips are natural apple chips, the product, which is new not only for the Company, but for Ukrainian market of chips as a whole. Apple chips produced by ТМ Jaffa are thin crisp apple slices produced according to the special technology without frying. Low temperature drying allows preserving all nutritious and healthy substances in the product.

Jaffa Apple Chips are not containing sugar, salt, preservatives and coloring agents, which is a proof of 100% natural origin of this product.

The resolution of the Company to create the product like that was stimulated by the acute problem of healthy food on the market of chips and the booming growth of this product segment in Ukraine. And the popular character of apple chips abroad (in USA the share of sales of this product equals to 30% of the whole snack market) is giving the grounds to consider that interest to healthy snacks in Ukraine will be growing at the same fast rate as well.

Dynamic character of the modern life style is equally balanced with easiness and unobtrusive character of various Food On-The-Go versions. Today the consumer prefers not to spend time on cooking, consuming ready-made food as well as having some snacks on the way. That is why Jaffa Apple Chips are the best solution for “on-the-go” product with an ideal combination of convenience/health/original taste.

According to the opinion of nutritionists, Jaffa Apple Chips is the first snack in Ukraine, which is useful for health.

The product will be presented in two versions: apple and cinnamon apple. Recommended retail price of the chips will make 3 hrn per package.