“Vitmark” Will Be Supporting the Children From Odessa Boarding Schools

In April this year the Company has launched the program aimed at support of the children with the physical defects from three Odessa specialized boarding schools. The program is aimed at social adaptation of these children in the society and on developing in them the sense of social significance and adequacy.

Within the frames of this program the Company will deliver its products to Odessa boarding schools in order that the children can get in their food ration the wholesome vitamin complex. But the main idea of the program became the initiative by Vitmark to attract the public attention to the problem of social adaptation of the kids from the special children institutions (here there should be some statistics). Because many of the children have serious problems with their eyesight, a lot of them suffer from delays in their mental development. And, notwithstanding the fact, that the whole set of development and adaptation procedures in the society of the children like that is in place in the boarding schools, after finishing the education the most part of the school leavers are left with their problems to themselves – alas, in our country the mechanism of support of such disabled children is working not very efficiently, not to say that it is not working at all.

In May in Odessa “Vitmark-Ukraine” together with the specialized boarding schools Nos. 34, 87 and 91 will arrange the exposition of the pictures and the handmade goods of the pupils from these specialized institutions. The most interesting thing is that the major part of the children from these educational institutions can compete with their works with the acknowledged local artists.

For the exhibition, the comprehensive and always acute topic has been chosen under the title “Health. Nature. Ukraine”. At the opening of the exhibition which will take place in the building of Vorontsov Palace, the representatives of municipal power will be invited as well as mass media and the inhabitants of Odessa.


“Vitmark-Ukraine” Makes Investments into Odessa Institutions of Higher Education

Traditionally during many years HR Management is conducting the wide-scope work with the graduates and the students of Odessa Institutions of Higher Education. Long-term relations connect our company with Odessa State Economic University, Mechanical Technological College, National University of Food Technologies (Kiev) and, of course, Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies (Odessa). ONAFT is the core institution of higher education training the specialists in the food branch of industry: food production technologists, mechanics on equipment maintenance, economists and managers.

During the period of cooperation, our company has recommended itself as a reliable partner in working with the students and young specialists. We are taking part on an annual basis in the Job Fairs conducted by the Food Academy, a lot of students from ONAFT have undergone introductory, production and pre-diploma practices on the basis of OBFC and Stepanivka branch. Moreover, a lot of graduates after defending their diploma thesis have come to work for our company because at the time of practice the company has become “sweet home” for them. Technological excursions are carried out as well for the specialists of the first grades, which allow the students to find themselves in the production atmosphere, to feel themselves the experts in their branch of industry.

Already in 2007 more than 50 students of ONAFT have undergone technological excursions, production, pre-diploma and introductory practice on the specialties called Company Management, Economy of the Company, Equipment of Processing and Food Productions.

In the first quarter of 2008 28 persons have undergone the production practice. Altogether until 2010 the practice is planned to be undergone by 83 ONAFT students of various specialties.

The result of the many years of fruitful cooperation became the acknowledgment and official gratitude of ONAFT rector’s office. In April 2008 ONAFT has sent an official letter addressed to our company with the gratitude for participation in education of young specialists. This has become the well-earned acknowledgement and the result of the joint work certifying correctness of direction chosen by us as well as development and building up the partnership relations with ONAFT and the institutions of higher education.

In future, we are planning further development of the partnership relations with Odessa institutions of higher education. This decision is justified by the fact, that it is the personnel that make the most essential competitive advantage of the company in the process of fighting for the top ranking on the market. By attracting the “gifted youth” into our company we are keeping at a pace with the time and in future we will be able to be proud with deserving replenishment of highly qualified specialists and continuation of the company traditions.

The doors of our company are widely open for the gifted youth!


Russian State Standard Has Been Satisfied

In April, the representatives of LLC “Tsentr Standart” (Moscow) have visited the production site of “Vitmark-Ukraine” Company. The purpose of the visit was to inspect the manufacture process of TM “Chudo Chado” products in order to receive the certificate of compliance for selling the baby juices in Tetra Pack package on the Russian market. As it has been preliminary noted by the representatives of “Tsentr Standart”, baby food production meets all Russian sanitary and technical requirements, therefore the products for the children are very well justified to receive the Russian certificate. At an earlier stage, “Vitmark-Ukraine” has filed an application with Russian Consumption Supervisory Body in order to obtain state registration for its whole range of the baby food products (juices, nectars, purees) at the territory of Russian Federation. The testing of products has taken place in the Main Administration of Nutrition Scientific and Research Institute of the Russian Medical Science Academy. All samples have received high scores by the experts of the baby food laboratory. Until the end of May the completion of registration of the set of permit documents is projected and “Vitmark-Ukraine” will be able to make the Russian kids happy with the tasty products under TM “Chudo Chado” – with the juices at first and with the purees in the nearest future.


Компания «Вимарк-Украина» выбирает качественную мобильную связь

At present, the major part of the large companies in Ukraine have come to the conclusion that existence of the corporate communication is not the fashion tribute, but the necessary operational element for carrying out their business. Connection to corporate tariff allows cutting the costs spent for payment of the communication services essentially.

For almost a year “Vitmark” Holding has been the user of inexpensive corporate communication Life:). Being dissatisfied with the rendered services, the company has changed the mobile operator. At the time being, two companies – МТС (UMC) and “Kyivstar” – are the leaders at the trunk communication market. According to the results of the tender, which has been conducted, the contract with “Kyivstar” company has been signed, which is ready to provide “Vitmark-Ukraine” Company with round-a-clock uninterrupted communication and 100% cover on the whole territory of Ukraine. The quality of trunk communication is very important because ninety percent of the Company employees are the sales staff, spending the major part of their business hours on the route (in the oblast centers), mobile communication for them is a necessary job tool.

Therefore, on the night of 26th April, 1600 Holding employees have become the subscribers of the new operator. From now on the corporate telephone number of “Vitmark-Ukraine” Company starts with the digits 8067 448, and the leader of trunk communication in Ukraine, “Kyivstar” Company, is rendering services to us. The company employees get 400 minutes free of charge within the network on a monthly basis as well as the limit within the amount from 50 to 500 hryvnias depending on their position. Right now approximately 1600 telephone numbers have been distributed among the employees, three and a half thousand mobile cards are still in the reserve. Now all Company employees, starting from the Forwarder and ending with Top Manager, will receive the corporate telephone numbers and, together with them, the opportunity to be always on line.

“Vitmark-Ukraine” has signed the long-term contract with “Kyivstar”. This, however, does not cancel conduction of the tenders among the leading mobile communication operators of Ukraine. Promptly responding to the new offers at the market of the mobile services, we will always provide the Holding employees with the profitable and high quality corporate communication.