“Vitmark-Ukraine” Has Become the Main Expert at the “Round Table” of “Argumenty i Fakty” Newspaper.

The importance of cooperation of “Vitmark-Ukraine” with mass media cannot be underestimated. Mass media is the “fourth power” which the consumer believes in. Therefore, for the producer, the press and the television make an effective channel of communication with the buyer. Our company is known at the information space of Ukraine as an active market player which shares the information about know-how in the sphere of its branch of industry with pleasure. The specialists of “Vitmark-Ukraine” Company are the experts in their own sphere of business, therefore the journalists of the leading business publications address to them on a regular basis with the request to comment the situation at the juice market.

In the end of April in the editor’s office of “Argumenty i Fakty” newspaper the “Round Table” has had place devoted to the topic called “Raw Material for Local Juice Manufacturers”. The members of the lively dialog were the local producers, the representatives of the Farmer Union of Ukraine and the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine.

Natalya Tkhir, Chief Technologist of OBFC, and Igor Baburin, Director of Logistics Department, have acted as speakers on behalf of “Vitmark-Ukraine” Company. Having taken an active part in the discussion on the issues of the raw materials, our experts have come to the following single opinion: “For us, being the producers of baby food products, the first priority criterion in the process of procurement of the raw material is the high quality of fruits and vegetables, which should be grown in environmentally clean areas exclusively. On the issue of quality there can be no compromise for “Vitmark-Ukraine” Company! Therefore we are interested in the development of agrarian industry of Ukraine to the utmost extent.

It goes without saying that at the time being the agrarian complex is in rather desperate state. It can be explained both by imperfect legislation in the land sector and by the absence of investments and conditions promoting development and upgrade of agriculture. It is known for sure on the examples of other countries that the comprehensive development of agricultural and processing branches of industry can be achieved only through constant promotion of the government and the producers themselves. The cases are not so rare when the producers of fruit semi-finished products in many countries united themselves into the associations and brought this sphere of industry into the global level. Thus, in Argentine, there is an Institution of Viticulture (Instituto de Vitvinicultura), which lobbies the interests of the producers of wine materials and grape concentrated juices in the state bodies of authority; in China there is the Association of Apple Product Producers (CFNA in Shaanxi province), cooperating with the farmers and developing the horticultural sector directly; in Brazil there is Association of Citrus Producers (Brazilian Association of Citrus Fruit Exporters ABECITRUS), defining the formation of the prices for citrus fruits in the South Hemisphere and, correspondingly, at the global market. At the time, when the producer purchases lacking raw material abroad, Ukraine, in fact, is investing its funds into the agricultural complex of China, Argentine, Moldova, Greece, etc. At the same time its local agrarian industry remains in the decay as usual and requires as quickest improvement and development as possible. It is our opinion that the farmer enterprises have to unite themselves into the associations of the producers of agricultural raw material in order to lobby their interests.»

“Vitmark-Ukraine” company intents further to share the accumulated experience in order to improve the situation in the sphere of its branch of industry. Besides, cooperation with mass media promotes formation of the image of an open company, increases loyalty and trust of the consumers to the products and “Vitmark-Ukraine” as a whole.




ТМ Jaffa Viva Has Become an Official Partner of the National Contest “Miss Ukraine”.

The beauty is the eternal value! It is the same one as life, love, health. By producing high quality natural products with love to its consumers, “Vitmark-Ukraine” is voting for the eternal values, for healthy beautiful life! That is why ТМ “Jaffa Viva” has become the partner of the National Contest “Miss Ukraine 2008”- the lesser calories, the more beauty!

“Miss Ukraine” is the highest level of prestigious beauty contests in our country. This year the event has taken place in April in Kyiv National Palace of Arts called “Ukraine”. The organizers of “Miss Ukraine” with the support of “Vitmark-Ukraine” Company have arranged the real festive occasion for 4 thousand people! Twenty four beauties from various cities of Ukraine have fascinated the guests of the Palace of Arts as well as the strict jury. By the way, among the jury members was not only Nataliya Koroleva, the famous Russian singer, Yelena Franchuk, the daughter of Leonid Kuchma, Ex-President, but also Chzhan Tszylin, the 23 year old Chinese winner of “Miss World-2007”. ТМ “Jaffa Viva” is the expert among the juices on beauty and health, therefore our company has brought forward its own nomination – “Miss Jaffa Viva”. In this nomination the beauty from Zaporozhie, Anastasia Prikhodko, has won. The winner has received from the Company the certificate for annual attendance of the fitness center in any city of Ukraine. Besides, together with the wish: “The lesser calories, the more beauty”, she has received an annual stock of “Jaffa Viva” juices! This will allow our Miss Jaffa Viva to support her body during the whole year!

The participation of “Vitmark-Ukraine” Company in the wide scope national contents like that is not an occasional one-time action, but a long-term strategy of the Company aimed at making the health of the people stronger, and the life more full and tasty!





TM Jaffa Has Become the Partner of International Festival of PR-Technologies.

TM Jaffa has become an official juice partner of the emblematic event at the information market of Ukraine – International Festival of PR-Technologies.

“Vitmark” Company is known in Ukraine and abroad by its innovative approach to the production process and European standards of the product quality. Making an active assistance to increase of the public communication level in Ukraine, “Vitmark” Company for the fifth year on a run is acting as a juice partner of this event.

On 18th-20th April 2008 in Puscha-Voditsa near Kiev the VII Festival of Public Communications has gathered together the experts in public relations from five countries: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Latvia.

During three days the Festival participants have discussed three key topics: marketing, social and corporate public communications. In the process of discussions, workshops, master classes, 250 specialists in the sphere of communications had the chance to enjoy the taste and to receive the evidence that the quality of ТМ “Jaffa Select” juices is rather high. The presentation of new product, Jaffa Ice Tea, has caused lively interest.

For the first time, this year the Party-Festival of Target Movies has been conducted at the Festival. The movie called “140 Years of Odessa Baby Food Cannery” has received rather high score of the information market leaders. Video material about the company has won the well-deserved second place. Altogether 8 corporate movies have been presented.

Andrey Rotkovskiy, the President of the Festival, has handed to “Vitmark-Ukraine” Company the diploma of the Festival partner and has expressed his gratitude for creative presentation of the company products and for the fruitful cooperation.


New Product Called Jaffa Ice Tea Will Make the Strong Competence in the Segment of Ice Teas.

In May, the new product produced by “Vitmark-Ukraine” has been launched on the market – ice tea under ТМ «Jaffa Ice Tea».

According to the experts’ opinion, this year is the most successful period of time for launching the product like that. It is explained with the fact, that ice tea is one of the sectors which is the most dynamically developing one on the Ukrainian market of the beverages. In 2007 the market of ice teas has grown twice. And in 2008 the further booming growth in this product segment is forecasted.

Jaffa Ice Tea meets the modern requirements of the Ukrainian buyer to the utmost extent. Natural tea extracts, of which Jaffa Ice Tea is made, absence of preservatives, wide choice of flavors as well as more than competitive price, which is 3 hrn 30 kopiykas per half liter of this beverage, gives serious chances to make strong competence to the ice teas manufactured by other producers. And addition of the natural juice (Jaffa expertise) gives an interesting supplement to the tea flavor, which makes an advantageous difference between Jaffa Ice Tea and the competitive products and makes the product delicious and quenching thirst at the same time.

Non-standard marketing resolution makes an essential advantage to Jaffa Ice Tea as well – the new product suggests to its consumer something more than just quenching thirst. An idea is put into Jaffa Ice Tea – to tell to the consumer the history of origination of tea recipes throughout the world. On each tea package, which by its design resembles the post parcel, its own unique history of origin of the tea traditions is written down.

So far Jaffa Ice Tea is represented with four unique flavors: Ceylon black tea, Egyptian karkade tea, Turkish black tea with lemon, Chinese green tea with jasmine. However, the assortment in the nearest prospect will be expanded with several more unique flavors.


In April, the Spring Season of ТМ Jaffa Has Started.

On the 5th April in 9 cities of Ukraine simultaneously the marketing program has been presented aimed at strengthening of one of the strategic brands of the company – ТМ Jaffa. In the branches of Vitmark the sales personnel has been presented with the strategy of development of this trade mark. The new products which will allow expanding the umbrella Jaffa brand even stronger are ТМ Jaffa Viva juices, ice teas produced under TM Jaffa Ice Tea and ТМ Jaffa Fresh Up juices in PET packaging which are launched in the package having the new design and with new improved quality. Moreover, quite new product, which is unique for the Ukrainian market, has been launched on the presentation – the apple chips produced under ТМ Jaffa Apple Chips.

Presentation of new products has been accompanied with the incentive contests, in which every employee of the branch being a member of his/her team has been given an opportunity to show creativeness, keenness of wit and his/her unique approach to promotion of the new products on the market.

Have a good start, ТМ JAFFA!