New Innovative Product – Jaffa Viva.

In April, another innovation by Vitmark will appear on the shelves of the supermarkets – the series of 100% fruit and vegetable low calorie juices of the premium quality produced under ТМ Jaffa Viva.

The special feature of the new product is that it does not contain sugar. It makes it ideal for the consumers, leading the healthy lifestyle and watching the number of calories they consume.

In Jaffa Viva the idea is implemented about the beauty and the health as well as about the quality of natural and wholesome product with minimal contents of calories.

Fruit expertise of Jaffa allowed finding out the balance between the taste of fruits and the wholesomeness of the vegetables – Jaffa Viva will be represented on the market with five new innovative flavors: mango-pumpkin-passion fruit, carrot-apple-mango, pumpkin-apricot-banana, carrot-orange-apple and strawberry-carrot-banana.

Vitmark Invests Into the Personnel Training.

It is not a secret that the highly qualified personnel make a reliable basis for development, success and prosperity of the company at present and in future. Today, in the epoch of highly developed technologies, it is the employees who are the basic capital of each company!

Our company invests essential funds on an annual basis into development and improvement of skills of its employees. It is important to understand that education is an uninterrupted process. Therefore all training programs are composed taking into consideration the needs in education, peculiar features of professional activity and in accordance with the annual employee training plans.

In 2008, after the winter holidays, Training Department has continued the annual program of English studies – 37 students in 7 groups continue their lessons which are conducted currently in the form of video lessons, crossword solutions and other play forms.

Recently a survey has been conducted in the company reflecting the opinions of the employees which has shown that 41% students consider their success in the language studies as “good”, 14% speak about “excellent results” and 27% are “satisfied” with their success.

Simultaneously with the wide-scope projects, training and development of the company personnel are carried out through participation in open seminars and trainings. Thus, at the time being, the specialists of “Vitmark-Ukraine” have taken part in the range of the seminars on the issues of accounting, finances and motivation of labor.

In 2008 the company continues implementation of an internal training program. At present, the range of new topical trainings aimed at the branch personnel is worked out, on the issue of “Management Skills and Delegating” for the office personnel. The work over “Personnel Management” training is close to completion.

The production personnel are also actively involved in the training process. In 2007 at the company expense more than 80 persons of the production personnel from Odessa production site and Stepanivka production branch have undergone training and skills improvement courses. The experts of Vitmark have improved their skills in the following professions: chemical water treatment machinery operators, cookers of the food raw materials, electricians. With the assistance of Tetra-Pack Company, our partners, training of 21 TBA operators has been conducted. Upon completion of the training course TBA operators have confirmed the level of the received knowledge through passing theoretic and practical exams with further receipt of the certificates.

However, not only the courses and the seminars are the sources of replenishment of our Company with the qualified personnel. HR Management is carrying out wide-scope work with the institutes of higher education and in the first turn – with the graduates. Since the beginning of the year pre-diploma and technological practices of the students being the graduates of Food Academy have started, which are conducted on our production base. It often happens that it is to “Vitmark-Ukraine” company that the graduates return to work after defending their diploma thesis. Right at the time of pre-diploma practice the Company becomes “sweet home” for them.

HR Management.