“Vitmark-Ukraine” has joined the Global Agreement of the United Nations.

On the 6th of December 2007, the certificate of membership in the Global Agreement of the United Nations was presented to “Vitmark-Ukraine”. Three months before that the juice holding company had expressed its willingness to join the initiative of the United Nations as a company following the social responsibility of business.

The main reason of any company joining the Global Agreement is the decision to follow the principles of the social responsibility of business.

«Vitmark-Ukraine” Company had initially based its activities on the principles of the social responsibility. Vice-president of the holding company Victor Stanislavsky: “During the years we have been rendering specially aimed selective aid to various societies and organizations helping low-income, disabled people, children without parental guardianship, disabled children. But on our opinion it is not enough. We believe that the Global Agreement of the United Nations will help to consolidate the efforts of business in the complex solution of the social problems of our society, to invest into the charity and social projects more effectively”.


On the opinion of “Vitmark-Ukraine” management, the United Nations, which is a blameless and authoritative organization, possessing strong resources, can help socially responsible business and get the social problems which cannot be resolved with a simple charity off the ground to join their forces.

Alongside with the decision to join the Global Agreement “Vitmark-Ukraine” Company initiated a large-scale social initiative – creation of the Charter “For the Healthy Baby Food in Ukraine” and called all the domestic producers of baby food to join this initiative.

Each member of the Charter, which had expressed a wish to join it, undertakes voluntary obligations connected with manufacture of baby products, namely, to produce them only of the highest quality, qualitative raw materials meeting the criteria of medical safety and profitability to all the known international norms, as well as takes obligations on the provision of transparency of its activities with the opportunity to control the quality of the products for children by the public.

The certificate of the member of the Global Agreement of the United Nations was presented to Victor Stanislavsky, Vice President of “Vitmark-Ukraine” Holding Company, by Coordinator of the System of the United Nations in Ukraine Jane Kazana-Vishnevetskaya.