“Vitmark-Ukraine” Company Enters International Financial Markets.

Last week “OTP Bank”, the International Bank, has opened the credit line for the amount of 50 million dollars, 25 million of them being investment funds, for the Ukrainian producer of juices – «Vitmark-Ukraine” Company. The event is the clear evidence of transparency of business conducted by one of the leading producer of juices.

The principal criteria for crediting “Vitmark” by “OTP Bank” have been the estimation of the financial condition of the company, commensurability of the inquired financing to the volume of sales, quality and sufficiency of the offered provisions, goodwill of «Vitmark-Ukraine” Company, as well as its dominant position in the national market of juices, nectars and beverages.

“The factor of agility of the development of this holding company, the growth of the volume of sales, the position of the holding company in the market, its stable financial condition, competent approaches of the management of “Vitmark” to the cooperation with the European banking structure played a significant part in making a decision about the issuance of financing to «Vitmark-Ukraine” Company by our bank” – Dmitriy Zinkov, President of the Closed Joint Stock Company “OTP Bank”, comments on the event.

According to the statement of Dmitriy Zinkov, “OTP Bank” is planning to expand its business relations with the holding company “Vitmark” from now on, including the increase of the financing limit.

“As OTP Bank is rather selective banking structure in its approaches to the corporate clients, the cooperation of OTP Bank with “Vitmark-Ukraine” definitely testifies the appreciation of business of one of the leaders of the market of juices, nectars and beverages of Ukraine” – Dmitri Zinkov said.