“Vitmark-Ukraine” Calls up for Joining the Charter “For the Healthy Baby Food”.

«Vitmark-Ukraine” Company (Odessa) calls up the producers of baby food to join the Charter “For the Healthy Baby Food”. The head of the line of the development of baby food of “Vitmark-Ukraine” Constantine Melnikov said about that at the press conference.

“We call up all the producers of baby food to combine our efforts and have an influence on the development of the industry of baby food” – he said. He has informed that the text of the Charter had already been sent to all the producers of baby food, and the company hoped that they’d join it soon.

In accordance with the given document, all the affiliated producers must agree to an open mutual control of their production, meanwhile they are obliged to produce their products from the ingredients of the highest quality; their products mustn’t contain hormones, antibiotics, pharmacologically active substances and other components, which can have a negative influence on the health of the consumer.

The producers which had joined the Charter are also obliged not to use nonhermetic containers when packing the products of baby food, the production must be produced, packed and stored in sanitary conditions in accordance with the international norms of hygienic practice for the foodstuff for younger children.

The coordination of the functioning of the Charter is entrusted to the National Association of Producers of baby food, juice and milk-canning production “Ukrkonservmoloko”, and the participation of the representatives of mass media in the public examining of the produced products will be coordinated by the National Press-club of reforms and the Forum of the Social Responsibility of Business of Ukraine.