“Vitmark-Ukraine” Company Launches a New Line of Juices and Premium Nectars Under the Trade Mark “Jaffa Natura”™ on the Ukrainian market.

Since the beginning of the year «Vitmark-Ukraine” Company has set the fast pace to the Ukrainian market of juice production – in the second part of February one more novelty enters the market of juices, nectars and beverages – a new line of juices and nectars of the TM “Jaffa Natura”. Thereby “Vitmark-Ukraine” proved its position of the absolute leader of innovations again.

“Jaffa Natura” is a line of classical and exotic monoflavouring juices and premium-nectars in the popular format – Tetra Prisma 1L package.

As the vice-president of the marketing and sales company Sergei Malets says, when creating this product the company tried to hand down the maximum simplicity, clarity and naturalness of the fruit taste. That’s why monoflavours will dominate in the range of the “Jaffa Natura” line.

“The conception of monoflavours found its reflection both in the assortment and design. The principal essence of TM “Jaffa Natura” is the proximity to the nature, its naturalness, clarity and simplicity” – Sergei Malets says.

In the primary stage the assortment will include 8 flavours: orange, pineapple, peach, cherry, mango, tomato, banana, and apple.

Such assortment of monoflavours is to ensure the widening of its share of the market, which comes to the fore in the segment of original, exotic, innovative flavours, to the TM “Jaffa Natura”.

Sergei Malets: “The goals of the TM “Jaffa Natura” for 2007 are rather ambitious – 5% of the Ukrainian market of juices, nectars and beverages. But they are more than achievable to our mind taking into account the quality and advantages of the product we succeeded to create. And taking into account the fact that “Jaffa Natura” will become the most affordable offer in the upper-medium price segment in Tetra Prisma package, there are no doubts in the success of our new product.”

Following the strategy of innovation and leadership «Vitmark-Ukraine” Company has started the year of 2007 in leaps and bounds – in January canned fruit of ТМ “Jaffa Selected fruits”™, the line of vegetable juices with tomato one as the base under the trade mark “Jaffa Select Tomato+”™ entered the Ukrainian market. By this time the line of juices and nectars “Jaffa Natura” is the third innovation of the company from the beginning of this year.