The Volumes of Sales of “Vitmark-Ukraine” Company Have Grown in 2006 by 44%, the Volumes of Production – by 45%.

“Vitmark-Ukraine” Company, one of the largest Ukrainian producers of juices and nectars (TM “JAFFA”, “SOKOVITA”, “The JUICES of “Odessa Baby Food Cannery”, baby food of TM “Odessa Baby Food Cannery”), has resumed the results of its work in 2006.

In 2006 the volumes of sales of the company have considerably grown in compare with 2005 and made up 230 million of the units of production. And when in 2005 “Vitmark” sold 126 million litres of juices and nectars, in 2006 this figure grew up by 44% and made up 181 million 300 thousand litres. In the monetary correlation the growth of 2006/2005 made up 50% (in 2006 the company has sold its production to the amount of UAH 600 million). The production indices in 2006 had positive dynamics as well – the volumes of production grew up by 45%.

The volume of capital investments made up more than UAH 50 million last year. And “Vitmark” invested more than UAH 40 million into its brands in 2006.

In 2006 the company has paid taxes to the Budgets of all levels in the amount of UAH 41 million 711 thousand.

In 2006 the company launched the new products at the market of juices, nectars and beverages: juices and nectars of premium-class of TM “Jaffa Select” in Tetra Prisma 1and 0.5 L package, as well as in glass container of 0.25L, fruit drinks and baby food of TM “Odessa Baby Food Cannery”, the line of canned fruit of TM “Jaffa Selected fruit” as well.

In 2007 the company is planning to develop its principal strategic brands – TM “Jaffa” and “Odessa Baby Food Cannery”, and, of course, to amaze and make the consumers happy with its unique novelties, as a tradition. By the way, the new tear of 2007 the company has started from the very present – a new unique line of innovative vegetable juices with tomato one as the base under the trade mark “Jaffa Select Tomato+”.