TM “Jaffa” Made a New Year Present to its Consumers – Line of Canned Fruit.

TM “Jaffa” (the owner – “Vitmark-Ukraine” Company), which is famous in Ukraine and abroad for its production of high quality and innovative approach, decided to make an unexpected present for New Year to its admirers, having offered an absolutely new product in its product line – canned fruit in light syrup Selected fruit.

The product samples canned fruit of elite kind that had been grown on the pollution-free plantations of Thailand, world leader in culturing pineapples and the expert in the field of production of fruit preservation.

Owing to the thermal treatment of short duration (10 minutes) fruit in the new product preserve their useful properties. The product contains vitamins A and C, as well as iron and calcium, and doesn’t have any contraindications for various diseases.

Undoubted competitive advantage of the new product is the presence of the key on the packages of the volume of 430 and 580 g, which considerably makes the opening of the tin easier, as well as creates the additional situations for the consumption of the product – not only domiciliary but also in the country, upon the road, etc.

Pineapples, peaches and tropical salads in the format of the tin of the volume of 430, 580 and 850 g are presented in the assortment of Selected fruit of TM “Jaffa”. The recommended retail price: pineapple in rings in the package of the volume of 580 g – UAH 5,30; 850 g – UAH 8,50; pineapple in pieces in the package of 580 g – UAH 5,00, 850 g – UAH 7,80; fruit salad in the package of the volume of 430 g – UAH 5,55.

The main competitor of the new product of TM “Jaffa” in this price segment is the production of the trademarks of Lorado and Mikado (Germany). In 2007 TM “Jaffa Selected fruit” is going to make a considerable competition to these trademarks, having occupied about 30% of the market of canned fruit.

All the production is produced in accordance with the international quality certificates, without application of preservatives and food additives.

vitmark vitmark vitmark

Thus, the company Vitmark widens its field of activity by means of gaining the new market of fruit and vegetable preservation. The introduction of the new product in the segment of fruit preservation has become the first step on this way.

vitmark vitmark vitmark vitmark


A New National Product Which Can Surely Supplant an Imported producer has Entered the Ukrainian Market of Baby Food.

On the 20th of December of 2006 Open Joint Stock Company “Odessa Baby Food Cannery” has introduced a new product – vegetable and fruit juices and puree for baby food – to the sectoral market.

Baby food of OBFC has been developed in close cooperation with the leading experts in the field of dietology and paediatrics and presents and innovative line of tasty juices and puree for children from the very early age – starting with the introduction of the first additional feeding.

The new line of baby food of OBFC had been created with the assistance of “Konservpromcomplex” which is practically an exclusive research institution in Ukraine that carries out research work in the field of development of new kinds and technologies, standards and normative documentation on production of products for baby food. Vegetable and fruit purees are produced from the selective national primary products, obtained with the application of cold rubbing technique as well. Such technique makes it possible to preserve all the useful microelements and vitamins that fresh fruit and vegetables contain. And the installed production line enables to produce more than 700 thousand units of production a month.

The novelty is not inferior to the products of the imported production and it is even better according to its many indicators. For example, baby food of OBFC does not contain starches, flavours and preservatives. Meanwhile the mixture is notable for its strictly balanced composition that is so necessary for the growing organism at the age from 4 months to 3 years.

The enterprise with the 140-years history, Odessa Baby Food Cannery, was an absolute leader of the industry of baby food at the times of USSR. The plant covered more than 60% of demand of the huge Soviet country by its production. Almost all the Soviet children grew on tasty and useful juices and puree of baby food “Rosy Cheeks”, “Milksop”, “Magician”! Another confirmation of the perfect quality of the produced products was the government contractual work for the production of food products for cosmonauts that came to the enterprise in 1964.

The new product of OBFC is the confirmation of the firm and stable position of the enterprise directed to the care and responsibility for the health of the younger generation, a serious bid for the leadership in the national market of baby food, as well as the extension of the good favourable tradition – to produce the products that meet the highest standards of healthy eating.

The new shipments of fruit and vegetable puree at the price of UAH 2.8-3.0 for the jar will enter the retail network this week.