The Juice of TM “Jaffa Select” is now produced in the format of Tetra Prisma 0.5 l.

Until recently TM “Jaffa Select” has been presented in a single format of consumption – the family liter package. But from now on the customers will be able to drink the tasted juice in the unique for the Ukrainian market unit format Tetra Prisma 0.5 L.

The introduction of the given product is the response of the company to the demands of the market. The acceleration of the speed of modern life, time deficiency results in the fact that the present-day consumers pay less and less attention to cooking, often grabbing some lunch on the hoof. The given tendency has an impact on the development of the market of products of the segment of the so-called “On-the-Go” consumption – consumption on the hoof.


In accordance with the survey that «Vitmark-Ukraine” Company had carried out, a modern consumer longs for buying juice with high qualitative characteristics, in convenient individual package, which is likely to be ecologically pure and safe, as well as to be able to preserve the natural characteristics of juice during the whole time of storage.

“Jaffa Select” in the package Tetra Prisma 0.5 L was created in compliance with all the requirements of the modern consumer.

The trade mark Jaffa Select 0.5 L is presented in wide assortment, notably 12 kinds, with the singled out line of unique exotic tastes, which had already been appreciated by the Ukrainian consumers: kiwi-pear, banana-strawberry, pink guava, tropic with kiwi as a base, orange-grapefruit.

As it’s known, «Vitmark-Ukraine” Company has occupied the position of the leader of innovations and quality of the produced products in the market of the producers of juices for a long time. TM Jaffa Select is one of the successful examples of fresh innovative decisions of this company.