The Trade Mark “Jaffa Select” Has Been Recognized as the Best National Article of Trade of the Year 2006.

“Jaffa Select” – the juice of premium-class at the affordable price has appeared in the Ukrainian market in January of this year. It attracted the attention of the customers almost at once which resulted in the sheer boost of sales. In June this index has already made up 15 million liters.

Elegant package of the juice “Jaffa Select”, so-called Tetra Prisma, is the attribute of expensive juice, but with the price that is considerably lower than in other premium-quality juices in a similar package. That made the product very attractive for the consumer from the point of view of the package/quality of juice/price ratio.

All kinds of “Jaffa Select” juice correspond to the taste of natural fruit at the expense of the presence of natural fruit components – particles and pulp in the composition.

A wide assortment, notably 16 kinds, with the singled out line of unique tastes: banana-strawberry, coconut-pineapple, and others is presented under the trade mark “Jaffa Select”, as well as new exotic kinds that hadn’t been presented in the market before: guava, kiwi-pear, tropic with kiwi as a base, orange-grapefruit.

Active demand promoted the necessity for the company to expand the sources of the raw materials. In connection with the fact that the flavors of “Jaffa Select” are unique and they are exclusive in the Ukrainian market of juices, «Vitmark-Ukraine” Company has started to carry on active negotiations with the new potential suppliers of primary products – the countries that specialize in growing exotic fruit: pink guava, kiwi, grapefruit, passion fruit, mango.

Most consumers have already noted that the juice “Jaffa Select” has become a new standard in the market of juice production.

As it is known, «Vitmark-Ukraine» has occupied the position of the leader of innovations and quality of the produced products in the market of the producers of juices for a long time. “Jaffa Select” is one of the examples of fresh innovative decisions of this company.