«Vitmark-Ukraine” Company Has Balanced the Results for Half a Year

«Vitmark-Ukraine” Company, one of the largest Ukrainian producers of juices and nectars (TM “JAFFA”, “SOKOVITA”, “The JUICES of “Odessa Baby Food Cannery”), has summarized the results of its work for the six months of this year.

The volumes of sales of the company have grown up by 66% for the 6 months of 2006 if compared with the first half-year of 2006. Meanwhile the volumes of sales for the 6 months of 2006 make up 78% from the total sales for the whole year of 2005.

The index of export deliveries has also grown – the volumes of export grew up by 3.5 times in compare with the half-year of 2005.

The company has been investing very actively in its own production – the volumes of investments to the fixed assets of the joined enterprise “Vitmark-Ukraine” for the first half-year of 2006 grew by 3 times in compare with the similar period of 2005.