the First Issue of the Corporate Newspaper of «Vitmark-Ukraine” Company Has Been Published.

«Vitmark-Ukraine” Company, the largest Ukrainian producers of juices and nectars (TM “JAFFA”, “SOKOVITA”, “The JUICES of “Odessa Baby Food Cannery”), has celebrated its 11-years anniversary by publishing its new corporate edition. The newspaper under the title of the same name “VITMARK” that meets all the European requirements for newspapers was presented at the meeting of Top-staff in the head office of the holding company in Odessa on the 11th of July.

The principal distinguishing characteristic of “VITMARK” from the standard corporate editions has become a wide headlining of the activities of the industry of juice production in tote, and the reviews and analytics of both Ukrainian market of juices and beverages and the markets of CIS and distant abroad countries can be seen on the pages of the newspaper.

As the publishers of “VITMARK” suppose, besides the main goal – to form and strengthen the corporate culture, the newspaper will help the workers of the sparse for the whole Ukraine branches of the holding company to know more about each other, which in its turn is to strengthen the inner communications of the company. One can find the interviews of the specialists of the company and the articles about the ordinary workers on the pages of the addition.

Besides the information about the events of «Vitmark-Ukraine” Company, the heading “Lawyer’s Advice” and rather interesting for the followers of healthy life-style heading “Health”, to which the whole newspaper line is given, are presented to the regard of the readers inter alia the other headings.

The format of the edition is A3, the number of lines – 8. The number of printed copies – 1000. Periodicity – once a month. The two colours – corporate red and standard black are used in printing. The newspaper is published in Odessa Municipal Printing House.