Company “OBFC” Has Signed 5 Large Contracts with the Local Agricultural Enterprises for the Delivery of Fruit and Vegetables.

On the 14th of June 2006 one of the largest producers of juices and juice production Open Joint Stock Company “Odessa Baby Food Cannery” signed 5 large contracts with the local fruit and vegetable farms for the delivery of fruit and vegetables. The contracts with the suppliers, and these are several large agricultural enterprises of Odessa region, are signed on the threshold of the new harvest of 2006. Such Odessa producers of fruit and vegetable production as Open Joint Stock Company “Komsomolets” (Artsiz area), automation of the agricultural production “Progress” (Ismail area), State Agrarian Technical School (Belgorod-Dniester area), Peasant Farm “Sadok”, Co Ltd “Majak” (Velikaya Michailovka area) have become the suppliers of the primary products for the production of natural juices.

Near the end of this month the supply agreements with the other farms of Odessa region will be signed.

The chosen agricultural enterprises were not a coincidence. For already several years they have been holding a high level of the quality of the growing production that is required for the production of juices of Odessa Baby Food Cannery, 100% of the production of which is produced from the national primary products.

Victor Stanislavsky, President of Open Joint Stock Company “OBFC”: “Anything but any production meets our requirements. That is why we work selectively with the suppliers. There are a number of agricultural producers that we signed long-term contracts with, exactly because these farms are able to maintain stable high quality of the production with the application of the most advanced manufacturing technologies of growing and cropping.

I want to note that we use only natural national primary products in our production, and we purchase fruit and vegetables from our Ukrainian agricultural producers in fresh only.”

In spite of the forecasted by the experts low crop of fruit and vegetable production because of severe frosts at the beginning of this year, the partners of OBFC are planning to supply about 25 thousand tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables to the plant, which would completely cover the requirements of the production.

Peter Kovalenko, Head of Department of Food and Processing Industry, Quality of Agricultural Production and Food Market of Odessa Regional State Administration: “Rather unusual for our region weather conditions at the beginning of this year really entailed negative consequences for the crop of 2006. According to our forecasts the crop of cherry, apricot and peach will be very low this year. But according to the information that our administration has, the volumes of deliveries of fruit and vegetable production to the local processing enterprises, to Open Joint Stock Company “OBFC” in particular”, will be able to meet the routine requirements of the production. We should give Odessa Baby Food Canneryits due, from year to year it has been presenting the outlet to our agro-industrial sectors, increasing the volume of purchases by 25-30% on average annually. Owing to this fact the issues of sales of fruit and vegetable production are not on the agenda among the agricultural commodity producers of Odessa region”.

The contracts are signed, the deliveries are planned and owing to this fact there is some confidence that the agricultural producers of Odessa region will be developing, and the fans of natural juices of Odessa Baby Food Cannerywill have felt to the full the diversity of the loving tasty and useful production this year.


“Investments and Innovations” Forum

On the first of June “Investments and Innovations” Forum which had been organized by Odessa regional state administration together with the all-Ukrainian edition “Expert” was held at the Odessa sea station.

The goal of the event was to attract fresh innovative flows to Odessa region. Several foreign delegations from China, Poland, Moldova, etc. arrived to the Forum. And though the main format of this event provided the conference with the listening to the speakers from different countries, including our compatriots, the exhibition, that had been carried out within the Forum, attracted much more attention than the boring speeches of foreign guests and Ukrainian economic analytics. And all the more, the wine, juice production, bakery and sausage sampling was actively carried out at the expositions of the exhibition, where the production of the local enterprises was presented in abundance.


The crowds of juice-fans didn’t run out till the evening at the stand of Razdelnyansky region, where the Kuchurgan branch of Open Joint Stock Company “OBFC” was presented together with the other enterprises as well. And the foreigners came to the degustation stand for several times both as a part of the delegation and apart. In spite of the abundance of flavours that had been presented at the stand cherry juice for some reason was at the greatest demand in the Poles, for example.


The Polish investors had been interested in the production capacities of Open Joint Stock Company “OBFC”, the technology of the production of juices, storage conditions of the convenience foods, after which they have expressed willingness to continue the degustation of our production during the stand-up party in the evening.