TM “Jaffa” Made a New Year Present to its Consumers – Line of Canned Fruit.

TM “Jaffa” (the owner – “Vitmark-Ukraine” Company), which is famous in Ukraine and abroad for its production of high quality and innovative approach, decided to make an unexpected present for New Year to its admirers, having offered an absolutely new product in its product line – canned fruit in light syrup Selected fruit.

The product samples canned fruit of elite kind that had been grown on the pollution-free plantations of Thailand, world leader in culturing pineapples and the expert in the field of production of fruit preservation.

Owing to the thermal treatment of short duration (10 minutes) fruit in the new product preserve their useful properties. The product contains vitamins A and C, as well as iron and calcium, and doesn’t have any contraindications for various diseases.

Undoubted competitive advantage of the new product is the presence of the key on the packages of the volume of 430 and 580 g, which considerably makes the opening of the tin easier, as well as creates the additional situations for the consumption of the product – not only domiciliary but also in the country, upon the road, etc.

Pineapples, peaches and tropical salads in the format of the tin of the volume of 430, 580 and 850 g are presented in the assortment of Selected fruit of TM “Jaffa”. The recommended retail price: pineapple in rings in the package of the volume of 580 g – UAH 5,30; 850 g – UAH 8,50; pineapple in pieces in the package of 580 g – UAH 5,00, 850 g – UAH 7,80; fruit salad in the package of the volume of 430 g – UAH 5,55.

The main competitor of the new product of TM “Jaffa” in this price segment is the production of the trademarks of Lorado and Mikado (Germany). In 2007 TM “Jaffa Selected fruit” is going to make a considerable competition to these trademarks, having occupied about 30% of the market of canned fruit.

All the production is produced in accordance with the international quality certificates, without application of preservatives and food additives.

vitmark vitmark vitmark

Thus, the company Vitmark widens its field of activity by means of gaining the new market of fruit and vegetable preservation. The introduction of the new product in the segment of fruit preservation has become the first step on this way.

vitmark vitmark vitmark vitmark


A New National Product Which Can Surely Supplant an Imported producer has Entered the Ukrainian Market of Baby Food.

On the 20th of December of 2006 Open Joint Stock Company “Odessa Baby Food Cannery” has introduced a new product – vegetable and fruit juices and puree for baby food – to the sectoral market.

Baby food of OBFC has been developed in close cooperation with the leading experts in the field of dietology and paediatrics and presents and innovative line of tasty juices and puree for children from the very early age – starting with the introduction of the first additional feeding.

The new line of baby food of OBFC had been created with the assistance of “Konservpromcomplex” which is practically an exclusive research institution in Ukraine that carries out research work in the field of development of new kinds and technologies, standards and normative documentation on production of products for baby food. Vegetable and fruit purees are produced from the selective national primary products, obtained with the application of cold rubbing technique as well. Such technique makes it possible to preserve all the useful microelements and vitamins that fresh fruit and vegetables contain. And the installed production line enables to produce more than 700 thousand units of production a month.

The novelty is not inferior to the products of the imported production and it is even better according to its many indicators. For example, baby food of OBFC does not contain starches, flavours and preservatives. Meanwhile the mixture is notable for its strictly balanced composition that is so necessary for the growing organism at the age from 4 months to 3 years.

The enterprise with the 140-years history, Odessa Baby Food Cannery, was an absolute leader of the industry of baby food at the times of USSR. The plant covered more than 60% of demand of the huge Soviet country by its production. Almost all the Soviet children grew on tasty and useful juices and puree of baby food “Rosy Cheeks”, “Milksop”, “Magician”! Another confirmation of the perfect quality of the produced products was the government contractual work for the production of food products for cosmonauts that came to the enterprise in 1964.

The new product of OBFC is the confirmation of the firm and stable position of the enterprise directed to the care and responsibility for the health of the younger generation, a serious bid for the leadership in the national market of baby food, as well as the extension of the good favourable tradition – to produce the products that meet the highest standards of healthy eating.

The new shipments of fruit and vegetable puree at the price of UAH 2.8-3.0 for the jar will enter the retail network this week.


The Juice of TM “Jaffa Select” is now produced in the format of Tetra Prisma 0.5 l.

Until recently TM “Jaffa Select” has been presented in a single format of consumption – the family liter package. But from now on the customers will be able to drink the tasted juice in the unique for the Ukrainian market unit format Tetra Prisma 0.5 L.

The introduction of the given product is the response of the company to the demands of the market. The acceleration of the speed of modern life, time deficiency results in the fact that the present-day consumers pay less and less attention to cooking, often grabbing some lunch on the hoof. The given tendency has an impact on the development of the market of products of the segment of the so-called “On-the-Go” consumption – consumption on the hoof.


In accordance with the survey that «Vitmark-Ukraine” Company had carried out, a modern consumer longs for buying juice with high qualitative characteristics, in convenient individual package, which is likely to be ecologically pure and safe, as well as to be able to preserve the natural characteristics of juice during the whole time of storage.

“Jaffa Select” in the package Tetra Prisma 0.5 L was created in compliance with all the requirements of the modern consumer.

The trade mark Jaffa Select 0.5 L is presented in wide assortment, notably 12 kinds, with the singled out line of unique exotic tastes, which had already been appreciated by the Ukrainian consumers: kiwi-pear, banana-strawberry, pink guava, tropic with kiwi as a base, orange-grapefruit.

As it’s known, «Vitmark-Ukraine” Company has occupied the position of the leader of innovations and quality of the produced products in the market of the producers of juices for a long time. TM Jaffa Select is one of the successful examples of fresh innovative decisions of this company.


Open Joint Stock Company “OBFC” Proved in Court Again that Open Joint Stock Company “Vinnifruit” Uses a White Package for Its Juices Illegally.

On the 22nd of September 2006 Kyiv Economic Court of Appeal enunciated a truth of Open Joint Stock Company “Odessa Baby Food Cannery” for the umpteenth time in relation to the unfair usage of the package of white colour which is similar to the degree of confusion with the package of TM “Juices of OBFC” for the juices of its own production by Open Joint Stock Company “Vinnifruit” (Kalinovka city, Vinnitsa region). As it’s stated in the decision of the court, “Vinnifruit” infringes the right of the owner of the object of the intellectual property for the trade mark, the right of the owner of the object of the intellectual property for the industrial model, as well as applies unfair competition by such actions.

As far back as in the middle of October of 2005 Open Joint Stock Company “OBFC” proved in Kyiv Economic court that “Vinnifruit” had just duplicated a unique for the Ukrainian juice market package, the author of which had become exactly Odessa Baby Food Cannery 4 years ago. Nevertheless, Open Joint Stock Company “Vinnifruit” didn’t agree with such decision and appealed, naturally proceeding with the production of its products in this package meanwhile.

As expected, the decision of Kyiv Economic Court remained unchanged.

Alack, the success of TM “Juices of OBFC”, which had made a splash in the market of juices and nectars in 2002, had become a precondition for the duplication and cloning of various kind of the white ascetic package of this trade mark by the unfair competitors. “Vinnifruit” also did not resist a temptation, having produced in 2004 the juice in white package bearing a strong resemblance by its appearance to the juice of Odessa Baby Food Cannery.

Such anti-competitive methods of unfair players of the market of juices have resulted in the fact that the national consumer had been misled for some time and was buying the juices of other producers, which are considerably inferior to the Odessa juice by their characteristics, instead of the tasting production of OBFC.

Fortunately, Ukrainian consumers proved to be rather exacting in tastes and attentive to the package. The results of sales of the production of TM “Juices of OBFC” are the proof of that: according to the data of the company MEMRB, the market share of the juices of this trade mark makes up 14% currently.

Unfair competitors who were able to duplicate the package of “Odessa white one” could not duplicate its quality.

Reference: Open Joint Stock Company “OBFC” is the author and the rightful owner of the TM “Juices of OBFC” in white package on the ground of the certificate of the State department of intellectual property of the Ministry of education and science № 39551 and Patent № 7738 of the industrial sample “Package for Drinks”.


The Trade Mark “Jaffa Select” Has Been Recognized as the Best National Article of Trade of the Year 2006.

“Jaffa Select” – the juice of premium-class at the affordable price has appeared in the Ukrainian market in January of this year. It attracted the attention of the customers almost at once which resulted in the sheer boost of sales. In June this index has already made up 15 million liters.

Elegant package of the juice “Jaffa Select”, so-called Tetra Prisma, is the attribute of expensive juice, but with the price that is considerably lower than in other premium-quality juices in a similar package. That made the product very attractive for the consumer from the point of view of the package/quality of juice/price ratio.

All kinds of “Jaffa Select” juice correspond to the taste of natural fruit at the expense of the presence of natural fruit components – particles and pulp in the composition.

A wide assortment, notably 16 kinds, with the singled out line of unique tastes: banana-strawberry, coconut-pineapple, and others is presented under the trade mark “Jaffa Select”, as well as new exotic kinds that hadn’t been presented in the market before: guava, kiwi-pear, tropic with kiwi as a base, orange-grapefruit.

Active demand promoted the necessity for the company to expand the sources of the raw materials. In connection with the fact that the flavors of “Jaffa Select” are unique and they are exclusive in the Ukrainian market of juices, «Vitmark-Ukraine” Company has started to carry on active negotiations with the new potential suppliers of primary products – the countries that specialize in growing exotic fruit: pink guava, kiwi, grapefruit, passion fruit, mango.

Most consumers have already noted that the juice “Jaffa Select” has become a new standard in the market of juice production.

As it is known, «Vitmark-Ukraine» has occupied the position of the leader of innovations and quality of the produced products in the market of the producers of juices for a long time. “Jaffa Select” is one of the examples of fresh innovative decisions of this company.


«Vitmark-Ukraine” Company Has Balanced the Results for Half a Year

«Vitmark-Ukraine” Company, one of the largest Ukrainian producers of juices and nectars (TM “JAFFA”, “SOKOVITA”, “The JUICES of “Odessa Baby Food Cannery”), has summarized the results of its work for the six months of this year.

The volumes of sales of the company have grown up by 66% for the 6 months of 2006 if compared with the first half-year of 2006. Meanwhile the volumes of sales for the 6 months of 2006 make up 78% from the total sales for the whole year of 2005.

The index of export deliveries has also grown – the volumes of export grew up by 3.5 times in compare with the half-year of 2005.

The company has been investing very actively in its own production – the volumes of investments to the fixed assets of the joined enterprise “Vitmark-Ukraine” for the first half-year of 2006 grew by 3 times in compare with the similar period of 2005.


the First Issue of the Corporate Newspaper of «Vitmark-Ukraine” Company Has Been Published.

«Vitmark-Ukraine” Company, the largest Ukrainian producers of juices and nectars (TM “JAFFA”, “SOKOVITA”, “The JUICES of “Odessa Baby Food Cannery”), has celebrated its 11-years anniversary by publishing its new corporate edition. The newspaper under the title of the same name “VITMARK” that meets all the European requirements for newspapers was presented at the meeting of Top-staff in the head office of the holding company in Odessa on the 11th of July.

The principal distinguishing characteristic of “VITMARK” from the standard corporate editions has become a wide headlining of the activities of the industry of juice production in tote, and the reviews and analytics of both Ukrainian market of juices and beverages and the markets of CIS and distant abroad countries can be seen on the pages of the newspaper.

As the publishers of “VITMARK” suppose, besides the main goal – to form and strengthen the corporate culture, the newspaper will help the workers of the sparse for the whole Ukraine branches of the holding company to know more about each other, which in its turn is to strengthen the inner communications of the company. One can find the interviews of the specialists of the company and the articles about the ordinary workers on the pages of the addition.

Besides the information about the events of «Vitmark-Ukraine” Company, the heading “Lawyer’s Advice” and rather interesting for the followers of healthy life-style heading “Health”, to which the whole newspaper line is given, are presented to the regard of the readers inter alia the other headings.

The format of the edition is A3, the number of lines – 8. The number of printed copies – 1000. Periodicity – once a month. The two colours – corporate red and standard black are used in printing. The newspaper is published in Odessa Municipal Printing House.


Company “OBFC” Has Signed 5 Large Contracts with the Local Agricultural Enterprises for the Delivery of Fruit and Vegetables.

On the 14th of June 2006 one of the largest producers of juices and juice production Open Joint Stock Company “Odessa Baby Food Cannery” signed 5 large contracts with the local fruit and vegetable farms for the delivery of fruit and vegetables. The contracts with the suppliers, and these are several large agricultural enterprises of Odessa region, are signed on the threshold of the new harvest of 2006. Such Odessa producers of fruit and vegetable production as Open Joint Stock Company “Komsomolets” (Artsiz area), automation of the agricultural production “Progress” (Ismail area), State Agrarian Technical School (Belgorod-Dniester area), Peasant Farm “Sadok”, Co Ltd “Majak” (Velikaya Michailovka area) have become the suppliers of the primary products for the production of natural juices.

Near the end of this month the supply agreements with the other farms of Odessa region will be signed.

The chosen agricultural enterprises were not a coincidence. For already several years they have been holding a high level of the quality of the growing production that is required for the production of juices of Odessa Baby Food Cannery, 100% of the production of which is produced from the national primary products.

Victor Stanislavsky, President of Open Joint Stock Company “OBFC”: “Anything but any production meets our requirements. That is why we work selectively with the suppliers. There are a number of agricultural producers that we signed long-term contracts with, exactly because these farms are able to maintain stable high quality of the production with the application of the most advanced manufacturing technologies of growing and cropping.

I want to note that we use only natural national primary products in our production, and we purchase fruit and vegetables from our Ukrainian agricultural producers in fresh only.”

In spite of the forecasted by the experts low crop of fruit and vegetable production because of severe frosts at the beginning of this year, the partners of OBFC are planning to supply about 25 thousand tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables to the plant, which would completely cover the requirements of the production.

Peter Kovalenko, Head of Department of Food and Processing Industry, Quality of Agricultural Production and Food Market of Odessa Regional State Administration: “Rather unusual for our region weather conditions at the beginning of this year really entailed negative consequences for the crop of 2006. According to our forecasts the crop of cherry, apricot and peach will be very low this year. But according to the information that our administration has, the volumes of deliveries of fruit and vegetable production to the local processing enterprises, to Open Joint Stock Company “OBFC” in particular”, will be able to meet the routine requirements of the production. We should give Odessa Baby Food Canneryits due, from year to year it has been presenting the outlet to our agro-industrial sectors, increasing the volume of purchases by 25-30% on average annually. Owing to this fact the issues of sales of fruit and vegetable production are not on the agenda among the agricultural commodity producers of Odessa region”.

The contracts are signed, the deliveries are planned and owing to this fact there is some confidence that the agricultural producers of Odessa region will be developing, and the fans of natural juices of Odessa Baby Food Cannerywill have felt to the full the diversity of the loving tasty and useful production this year.


“Investments and Innovations” Forum

On the first of June “Investments and Innovations” Forum which had been organized by Odessa regional state administration together with the all-Ukrainian edition “Expert” was held at the Odessa sea station.

The goal of the event was to attract fresh innovative flows to Odessa region. Several foreign delegations from China, Poland, Moldova, etc. arrived to the Forum. And though the main format of this event provided the conference with the listening to the speakers from different countries, including our compatriots, the exhibition, that had been carried out within the Forum, attracted much more attention than the boring speeches of foreign guests and Ukrainian economic analytics. And all the more, the wine, juice production, bakery and sausage sampling was actively carried out at the expositions of the exhibition, where the production of the local enterprises was presented in abundance.


The crowds of juice-fans didn’t run out till the evening at the stand of Razdelnyansky region, where the Kuchurgan branch of Open Joint Stock Company “OBFC” was presented together with the other enterprises as well. And the foreigners came to the degustation stand for several times both as a part of the delegation and apart. In spite of the abundance of flavours that had been presented at the stand cherry juice for some reason was at the greatest demand in the Poles, for example.


The Polish investors had been interested in the production capacities of Open Joint Stock Company “OBFC”, the technology of the production of juices, storage conditions of the convenience foods, after which they have expressed willingness to continue the degustation of our production during the stand-up party in the evening.



Cерия овощных соков «Томат+»

Компания «Витмарк-Украина» (ТМ «JAFFA», «СОКОВИТА», «СОКИ «Одесского консервного завода детского питания», детское питание ТМ «ОКЗДП»), давно зарекомендовавшая себя на украинском рынке СНН лидером инноваций, традиционно начинает год со свежего решения – новой для украинского потребителя серией томатных соков с различными натуральными вкусовыми добавками – «Томат+».

Ассортимент томатной серии на начальном этапе будет включать в себя четыре вкуса, отражающих самые популярные мировые тенденции в направлении овощных соков «Томат+»:

Томат по-гречески – томатный сок с оливками
Томат по-французски – томатный сок с грибами
Томат по-испански – томатный сок с зеленью петрушки и сельдерея
Томат по-польски – томатный сок с огуречным рассолом
При разработке новых вкусов за основу были взяты отличительные характеристики кухонь мира. Греция, безусловно, славится своими оливками и маслинами. Французы любят разнообразные изысканные грибные блюда. Испания наряду со странами Средиземноморья широко использует травы в приготовлении ароматных блюд из мяса. В польских блюдах часто используют квашеные огурцы.

Томатная серия соков «Томат+» торговой марки «Jaffa Select» будет представлена в упаковке формата Tetra Prisma 1л. По внешним атрибутам и оформлению упаковки данный продукт будет незначительно отличаться от привычного дизайна уже признанной украинским потребителем торговой маркой «Jaffa Select». Отличия в дизайне будут лишь подчеркивать особенность данного продукта, и выделять его в отдельную серию из общего ассортиментного ряда ТМ «Jaffa Select».

По словам Вице-президента по маркетингу и продажам компании «Витмарк-Украина» Сергея Мальца, направление «Томат+» является достаточно популярным расширением ассортимента овощных соков, как в странах Западной Европы, так и американского континента. «Это новая, но достаточно устойчивая и успешная тенденция в категории сокосодержащих напитков во всем мире, которую компания, первой (!) представляет на суд украинскому потребителю. Учитывая тот факт, что классический томатный сок всегда занимал одно из лидирующих позиций в структуре потребления соков в Украине, мы уверены, что направление «Томат+» не останется незамеченным и будет по достоинству оценено украинским потребителем».

В ближайших планах компании – занять 10% украинского рынка овощных соков, а это 7 млн. литров продукта. На этом Витмарк останавливаться не собирается – в течение года линейка «Jaffa Select Томат+» будет дополнена еще двумя новыми вкусами, а доля «Томат+» в сегменте овощных соков будет наращиваться.

Последние два года компания «Витмарк-Украина» ведет агрессивную стратегию продвижения на украинский рынок инновационных продуктов. За это время на украинский рынок были выведены: ТМ «Jaffa Select» – инновационные моновкусовые и микшированные соки в премиум-упаковке Tetra Prisma для домашнего и «on-the-go» потребления; детское питание отечественного производства (из отечественных овощей и фруктов ТМ «ОКЗДП»), консервированные фрукты ТМ «Jaffa Selected fruits».